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Day 185: The Take-Off

Since I’ve been taking photos from a bus and a train this weekend, I may as well continue the trend with photo from within a flight cabin, right? We landed in Charles de Gaulle airport this evening a tad delayed following a late departure from Dublin, and on arrival, the plane started to make its way slowly towards the terminal area when we had a tarmac pause.

From my window, I could see a series of queueing planes, waiting for their take-offs. Within a few minutes, three planes set themselves soaring into the evening sky. While this is fun, it’s not quite as impressive as seeing a queue of planes waiting to land. I was once treated to such view and within the horizon, while a plane was landing, there were four others waiting for their turns. As each plane loomed larger, those following suit also increased in visible size.

Day 34: Is this Beauvais-Tillé?

The last time I travelled through Beauvais-Tillé was back in November 2010, and like all the other times I used the airport, it was teeming with passengers, trying to make their morning flights to Milan-Bergamo, Barcelona, Rome Ciampino, Stockholm, Fez and Dublin but to name a few. (I know, it’s a bit scary that I know what flights there are purely by the frequency of my trip via this airport.)

This morning, however, was all calm and the panic queues through security were missing. Sometimes in the 3 months, a new Terminal 2 has been opened and now many European flights have been distributed to the new terminal, reducing the passenger load of Terminal 1. I must admit this is a much more pleasant travel experience.

Looking back, this airport has changed so much over the years. The first time I used it must be about 10 years ago, where the building was partition into two, one for arrival and one for departure. There was nothing else bar a small cafe, so forget about duty free shopping even. Since then, the building was extended, shops and cafes added, duty free bonus, and now a shiny new terminal. Impressive.

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