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Coffee Break

Ah, some of my leisurely pursuits listed in one place. Otherwise, things are getting harder and harder to keep track every day…


The Food Trail

Since my move to Paris, I started an eating project. Yup. You read it right. This is my favourite kind of challenge, hehehe. The Challenge: Resto A-Z


On the Joy of Printed Words

I love to read and always try to find time to do so. I don’t always achieve the reading targets that I’ve set, but I had fun in the process of it.

The Big Read 2010 – Final tally: 55 books
The Big Read 2011 – Final tally: 107 books
The Big Read 2012 – Final tally: 62 books – 47 EN + 15 FR
The Big Read 2013 – Final tally: 42 books – 36 EN + 6 FR
The Big Read 2014 – Final tally: 44 books – 40 EN + 4 FR
The Big Read 2015 – Final tally: 96 books – 84 EN + 12 FR
The Big Read 2016 – Final tally: 47 books – 35 EN + 12 FR
The Big Read 2017 – Mid-Sept: 68 books – 60 EN + 8 FR


On the Big Screen

I’m not quite the movie buff as F, but I’m slowly getting familiar with names of directors while F get acquainted with names of actors/actresses. Clearly not the same kind of focus when we choose which movie to watch!

The Big Screen 2012 – Final tally: 55 movies
The Big Screen 2013 – Final tally: 42 movies
The Big Screen 2014 – Mid-Feb: 6 movies
The Big Screen 2017 – Mid-Sept: 25 movies


Other Random Things

We all have some sort of bucket list(s) somewhere. Mine have been scattered all over the place – it’s time to get them organised!

To kick it off, here’s my 101 goals in 1,001 days challenge tracker.


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