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The Big Screen 2014

Now that we’ve moved and no longer live quite as close to the cinemas as we used to, let’s see if we keep up with our visits to the movie houses…

01 | 9 Mois Ferme – A comedy in which the life of a circuit judge was derailed after a night of drunken antics ended up with a visit by the stork and a link to a suspect in an outrageous crime. [6/10]

02 | Yves Saint Laurent – The icon of French fashion-house did not have an easy life but the film felt too much like the martyrdom of his partner instead. [7/10]

03 | Tel Père, Tel Fils (Like Father, Like Son) – When two children were swapped at birth and brought up in two different social classes, righting the wrong is never as straight-forward as it seems. [7/10]

04 | A Touch of Sin – A lot of gratuitous violence but an interesting look into rural lives in China, their rhythms dictated by social class and much injustice, driven to committing crimes amidst other sins. [4/10]

05 | Le Vent se Lève (The Wind Rises) – A beautiful masterpiece by Miyazaki about the life of an aeronautic engineer through turbulent times in pre-WWII Japan. [8/10]

06 | Jack et la mécanique du cœur (The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart) – Based on the book “La mécanique du cœur”, what a sublimely animated musical that transports its viewers into the fantasy world it lives in. [8/10]

07 | Philomena – The movie touches big on the questions of religion and faith, of moral and sin, of right and wrong. Based on a true story on the scandal of forced adoptions in Ireland, the movie is poignant and moving, interjected with appropriate humour, inviting the audience to make their own judgement to forgive, or not. [9/10]

Updated: 17 February 2014

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