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The Big Screen 2019

We try to go to the cinema about once a week. What baffles me though is the periods where there are near to nothing that catches our interest because the new releases are yet another bunch of the superhero franchise thingy or some kind of sequel/prequel to a blockbuster… :/

01 | Bohemian Rhapsody – we started the year with a sanitised nevertheless epic retelling of the story of Freddie Mercury, and days later, I’m still humming to “Don’t Stop Me Now” [8/10]

02 | On the Basis of Sex – in keeping with the theme of biographical movie, a glimpse into the early career of RBG and her leaning in to give voice to many who were being discriminated [7/10]

03 | The Incredibles 2 – 14 years after the Incredibles, the family is back and we’re seeing Jack-Jack coming into power in the cutest way possible while saving the superheroes’ reputation [9/10]

04 | Crazy Rich Asians – a decent inflight entertainment option while having my meal but nothing particular to shout out about although I like the use of old, nostalgic songs [5/10]

05 | Green Book – a journey to the deep south when discrimination against the coloured runs deep, an unlikely friendship was born [8/10]

06 | If Beale Street Could Talk – the coming of age and bond of love of an African-American couple were challenged, and fought through strong family bond [7/10]

07 | Le chant du loup – Imagine, France was egged into launching a submarine nuclear missile assault and there is no protocol in place to cancel the mission once initiated… [8/10]

08 | La Chute de l’Empire américain – Not a film I would see based on the title, but it ended up being an interesting tale of moral tussle and the world we live in [9/10]

09 | Le Grain Bain – A motley crew of men, be it old, young, out-of-shape, dejected, proud, foreign, and whats not, came together to form a synchronised swim team and form the bonds they need. [8/10]

10 | Celle que vous croyez – Not sure if the saying “beware a woman scorned” is applicable here, when a twisted revenge by social media became all consuming for the imposter herself [7/10]

11 | The Favourite – Sumptuously filmed with drop-dead gorgeous black and white gowns for the ladies, but the unravelling rivalry left me cold and repulsed [5/10]

12 | Jusqu’à la Garde – How could one judge and determine the sharing of custody within minutes, to the detriment of the child stuck in between divorcing parents? [9/10]

13 | Le mystère Henri Pick – In the quest to uncover the mysterious writer of a bestseller, a rather unlikely plot reveals itself, revealing the (lack of) confidence writers find themselves in. [8/10]

14 | The Death & Life of John F Donovan – I’m starting to think Dolan’s movie can be a hit or a miss to my cinematic taste, and this one feels lacking direction? [6/10]

15 | Raoul Taburin – In need for something light, this beautifully-filmed movie may seem vacuous to some, but I love this naïve tale of a bike expert who doesn’t know how to ride a bike. [8/10]

16 | A Simple Favour – This started strong and I love the unreliable narrative aspect of the movie, but there was just a bit too many twists towards the end; should adhere to less is more. [7/10]

17 | The Aftermath – Post-WWII Berlin brings together three protagonists, each with their anguish and needs for love while trying to regain trust. Beautifully filmed. [9/10]

18 | L’Adieu à la nuit – A rather factual/technical representation of religious radicalisation, it’s a movie that urges the audience to think rather than to feel how and why this comes to pass. [8/10]

19 | Me Before You – stiff and tilted, it was the quirky style of Clark that kept me watching in this rather predictable rom-com. [4/10]

20 | Lourdes – A solemn and moving documentary to take a glimpse at the pilgrimage to Lourdes by believers who seek healing for their body and soul. [7/10]

21 | Everybody Knows – Skeletons in the closet to be unveiled when a girl was kidnapped at a wedding in a small village, a good watch with mystery to keep interest going. [8/10]

22 | La Pianiste – Having confused this with the Pianist, the moment I spotted a young Isabelle Huppert, I groaned inwardly; psychodrama will be in play. [4/10]

23-25 | The Three Colours Trilogy – Maybe I’m not watching this with the right mind set in place; these are critically acclaimed movies but I’m not really feeling them. [6/10]


These look interesting:
– Rocketman
– Toy Story 4


Last updated: 24 June 2019

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