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The fearless 40 before 40

“Always go big,” so everyone (around me) says. I’d get all hyped up then come along yet another article chastising how this is psychologically unhealthy and unrealistic expectation et cetera. The inevitable doubt creeps in.

“Just look at how well – not – your last big listicle went. Pooof, bursts in flame,” chimes Miss Scepticism hidden within, rather sarcastically.

Oh, shut up.

In my head, Miss Cheerleader sings:

“I’m a shooting star, leaping through the sky
Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity
I’m a racing car, passing by like Lady Godiva
I’m gonna go, go, go,
There’s no stopping me…”

Why not chase an aspirational life? Most people do this in one way or another. What’s crazy ambitious for one may be too tame for someone else. Everyone their own limits and drives to push beyond these barriers. A wee committed nudge towards something I want to achieve feels infinitely better than letting the daily hum roll me along like a rag doll.

I have only some 20 months to tackle this bucket list of 40 items so there’s no time to waste ;)

Things to (re-)learn
01 | Swim (without assisting gears)
02 | Drive, on the right, à la française
03 | Ski (or at least try it once)
04 | Play a musical instrument
05 | Sketch and/or illustrate
06 | Underwater photography
07 | Leather care and maintenance
08 | Either Italian or Spanish
09 | Homemade noodle and pasta
10 | Self-defense (Krav Maga?)

Boundaries to push
11 | Run a (Paris) marathon (Apr 2019)
12 | Qualify as CMAS 2** diver (May 2019)
13 | Dive with big fish
14 | Trek in a desert
15 | Trek above 4,000m
16 | Skydive or paraglide or hot-air ballooning
17 | Hold a 5-minute plank (June 2019)
18 | Write a book
19 | Participate in 3 photography competitions
20 | Bake a perfect, non-soggy pastry

Personal growth and leisure
21 | Clear my student loan (Feb 2019)
22 | Get my 10K time to under 60 minutes (June 2019) Adidas 10K Paris – 57’07”
23 | See a performance (play, one-man show, etc) a month –> ongoing
24 | Try a new restaurant a month –> ongoing
25 | Make a signature sambal
26 | Complete a 30-day yoga practice –> ongoing
27 | Complete a 30-day, 30-recipe challenge
28 | Build a (minimalist) wardrobe around 100 pieces
29 | Curate a travel photobook
30 | Get DALF certification

And of course, travel!
31 | 1 new continent: South America or Antartica?
32 | 3 new countries
33 | 5 new UNESCO heritage sites
34 | 3 new French cities/towns
35 | 1 French oversea territory (Jan 2019)
36 | Walk every Parisian street at least once –> ongoing
37 | Bike the Loire Valley
38 | Northern lights and/or Norwegian fjords
39 | The intersection of Europe and Asia
40 | Visit a place of spiritual interest

Ps: if some of these look familiar, that’s because I didn’t get round to achieving them in my previous bucket list; in the spirit of not letting go until I know I’ve given a good attempt at it, they’re back :)

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