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The Big Screen 2017

Maybe this year will be the year we re-subscribe to a cinema pass and watch more films? In the mean time, there’s always DVDs.

01 | La La Land – ah, Hollywood whimsy with singing and dancing Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Lovely set but I’m not seeing the Oscar buzz surrounding it… [7/10]

02 | Seven Years in Tibet – I’ve read the book donkey years ago and finally got round to watching it; I prefer the book but the movie is not too bad either. [6/10]

03 | Le viager – an oldie that I’ve heard much about for its comedic value; it was rather funny but after a while of repetitive silliness, maybe they could have adopted the motto “less is more” [5/10]

04 | Silence – this is a strange one that needs a lot of time to digest, and as audience, we’re also strangely detached from it despite some of the rather horrifying scenes. [5/10]

05 | Moonlight – one does whatever one can to survive when the system and the societal norm clash with who you are. I can appreciate the lesson in grit. [6/10]

06 | Loving – one of the most beautiful films I’ve seen, and at the same time it’s crazy that it’s really not that long ago where interracial marriage is illegal. [10/10]

07 | Lion – the search for one’s identity can indeed be soul consuming; what an incredible tale to recount to the world. [8/10]

08 | Hidden Figures – love the sassy group of ladies that fight the patriarchy and show the world their amazing achievements. Girl power! [9/10]

09 | The Lost City of Z – what an adventure, to travel the Amazon, and I’m not sure even if today’s the right time to travel its full length. [7/10]

10 | Beauty and the Beast – ah, to be transported back to nostalgia and enjoying a good hum-along; Emma Watson makes a good belle [8/10]

11 | Bridget Jones’s Baby – I was bored on a long flight so why not? Wouldn’t go to the cinema to see it though… [4/10]

12 | Elle – I can only conclude Huppert’s character is completely off-her-mind crazy in this violent movie, I did kinda wish I had not seen it [6/10]

13 | Retour chez ma mère – I guess it makes sense that I’m watching lightweight movie on the flight since I’ll never ever pay for this [3/10]

14 | Moana – ah, this is a much better inflight entertainment with catchy songs (although not quite like Frozen) [8/10]

15 | Cessez le feu – one of the better ones among recent Duris’ movie. I like him as actor but there are questionable movies at times. [6/10]

16 | La Colère d’un homme patient (The Fury of a Patient Man) – man, what an intense movie with an interesting twist for this Spanish thriller [7/10]

17 | HHhH – what a powerful movie on the advances by Heydrich to achieve the vision of Hitler. Made me glad he never made it to Paris. [9/10]

18 | Retour à Montauk (Return to Montauk) – a tale of an attempt to rekindle old love to the expense of current relationship, not a bad one to watch [7/10]

19 | Le Caire confidentiel (The Nile Hilton Incident) – a fabulous thriller set in Cairo that gives a glimpse into a society rife with corruption [9/10]

20 | Viceroy’s House – it is heartbreaking to see how a country was set into chaos, no thanks to political manipulation despite best intention of the last Viceroy [8/10]

21 | Dunkirt – with tension running high throughout despite not seeing blood like any ole typical war movie, this had my full attention [9/10]

22 | Que Dios Nos Perdone (May God Save Us) – the film was not what I was expecting at all from its trailer, with very disturbing plot [5/10]

23 | Petit Paysan – life as a farmer is not a walk in the park, in this moving film that gives a glimpse into their expectations, fear and anger [8/10]

24 | Ôtez-moi d’un doute – a romantic comedy with witty banters as well as silly antics, it’s one to enjoy after a long week [7/10]

25 | Une famille syrienne (In Syria) – it’s harrowing to see the damages of war to humanity and testing those who fight to come out better [8/10]


On the wish list:
– The Fixer
– Get Out
– L’Amant double
– Song to Song
– Walk with Me
– Les filles d’Avril
– Mary
– Faute d’amour


Last updated: 21 September 2017

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