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Day 214: Chirp chirp

I’m not a super smartphone kind of person. As a matter of fact, I barely know how to use my low-end smartphone. Thus, Angry Bird is something that deludes me until quite recently. And only then it’s because I’ve heard some friends talking about it, advertisements at the cinemas showing it, my brother’s everchanging avatar on Facebook from one Angry Bird to another, and through video parody (of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, no less).

Suddenly I’m seeing birds everywhere. Not necessarily Angry Birds though, such as this decor about the door of a shop at rue Tiquetonne. A branching sculpture sat above the main entrance with tens of colourful (wooden?) birds perching along the branches. These are much more adorable and friendly, but could still probably fly well when thrown at someone physically. Hmmm…

Day 155: Chirp chirp

We had a visitor this morning and it seems like it has taken to Anne. The tit first approached us when we were having breakfast in the garden, fluttering its way between Chloé, Anne and I. It flicked nervously from one spot to another, and momentarily even landed on my knees and stayed there for a few second. Oh how I wish I had my camera at that point!

Throughout the day, it has been returning every so often to trick Anne into feeding it some breadcrumbs. It is just so adorable, but the lack of bribery offerings on my part means it didn’t come very close to me, boooo. On the other hand though, it gave me opportunities to photograph it, so I guess we’re even.

Day 13: Chirp chirp

With the extreme changes in weather around here, I was pleasantly surprised to see flowering blossom while strolling the campus ground of Trinity College Dublin. And it’s only mid-January, yay! The little birdie is therefore the cherry on top. ;)

If you are visiting Dublin and intend to have a look around Trinity College, may I suggest that you download the podcast of Science Safari: The Trinity Trail to your iPod, together with accompanying brochure and map for extra guide. All these can be downloaded free. Enjoy your visit.

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