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Day 93: Fairylights

Dancing stopped just a few minutes ago. The evening session of ceili had been fantastic and the final group dance had been the most entertaining among them all. Bride and groom and all guests alike, we stomped and twirled and laughed together to the rhythm of the band.

Outside, the weather had cooled down considerably. At the patio, the fairylights shining like a million sparkling stars, which I could not take my eyes off from them. Shivering, I whipped the camera out, hoping to quickly catch one or two decent shots, and I am more than pleased that this one came out quite as magical as I remember the day to be.

Congratulations C+R!

Day 92: Reflection

It my friends’ big day and I’ve made my way to Bruton earlier than I had planned (not without its own drama though). And you know what people say about silver lining – mine was to catch up with the soon-to-be Mrs E before everyone else arrived. She looked wonderful and as a radiant as a bride could be.

When I left her to get ready for the day, I explored the ground of the venue, which comes with a strong green ethos and supports for local food supply and economy. At the back of the centre was a small yet beautiful organic vegetable garden, as well as a goat, a pony and a couple of pigs. The pony was such a sweet-tempered little fella it let me came up close and personal to take this shot. Of course, he was also trying to come close enough to chew my scarf…

Day 91: Horned Bridge

I flew in to Bristol this evening after work, and accounting for a small delay flying in from Paris, it was dark when I finally checked in to the YHA. Nothing luxurious required, since I just need a place to lay my weary body for a sleep before heading to Bruton, Somerset in the morning.

Of course, I took the chance to do a small walkaround as well. Where I am is quite central, close to all amenities, teeming with positive vibe, and picturesque too. This bridge is officially christened Pero’s Bridge, and it is located just off the YHA, linking two squares across Bristol Harbour. However, given the presence of a pair of horn-like sculptures, it is also nicknamed the Horned Bridge.

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