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Day 25: Passionately coquelicot

The unfurled ribbon-like Chinese fringe flowers in hues of red and coquelicot have by far been the prettiest sight of this mild and sunny winter day. The colours vibrant, the petals swaying gently in the wind, it’s akin to a beckoning of spring. And I <3 Spring.

In the mean time, I’m starting to map my travels for the year. First up, I’m off to Paris for a couple of days next week to deal with matters related to my big move to the City of Light. Hopefully there will be a couple of trips to Asia and a number others in Europe. If I’m lucky, I could make five new countries this year to go towards the challenge?

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  1. m3d says:

    wow 5 is quite a few hehehe…i am thinking of 2 overseas and 1 domestic this year ;)

    • Lil says:

      that’s just an optimistic plan. whether i’ll manage that or not, it’s another story altogether. fingers crossed though ;)

      ps: where overseas this year?

  2. m3d says:

    i see….still a plan ;)

    firm is now maldives in march with emily and sipadan in april with some diving buddies..unconfirmed is aussy in sept

  3. Chloé says:

    /faints from so flashy colours
    ok, i want your camera now :P mine definitely can’t bring out such vivid colours :(

    anyway, i’m definitely adding the Netherlands to my list this year ;) (and soon too, i hope!)
    fingers crossed for Austria (possible conference at the end of the year)
    and then i’m not sure…

    • Lil says:

      it’s wonderful colour, isn’t it? time to upgrade to newer models ;)

      yes, definitely netherlands for you and yay for austria possibility. i’ve always said i’ll revisit but haven’t done that yet. isa must be getting tired of hearing “yes i will try to visit, sometime”.

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