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Day 116: Easter eggs!

In the spirit of Easter and spreading the love of chocolate eggs, look what I’ve found in my mailbox?! I have no idea when these were deposited in my mailbox, probably, over the weekend, by the Resident Committee of my building. (I didn’t check it on days when I didn’t think the postman was working.) Of course, these chocolates are very welcomed. Needed even. Merci!

The past couple of days have been intensed, workwise. Apart from short breaks, I’ve been literally chained to my desk, typety typety type away. A particular and important work deadline is looming over my colleagues and I, and although somewhat stressful, we’re working at a good pace to completing our submission. These chocolates (plus some mini stroopwafels, courtesy of LK) are keeping me going whenever I feel the urge to snack. They make gooooood comfort food. ;)

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  1. Selena says:

    what a lifesaver! chocolate can cure everything, no? ;)

  2. m3d says:

    its from the easter bunny ;)

    ooo stroopwafels are nice!!!

  3. bjlau says:

    Errr … making some volcano on my face with those chocy :(

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