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Day 120: Wedding photoshoot

Choosing a single photo for today is tricky, since I was on a walking tour of Montmartre and saw plenty that are interesting or amusing. I guess that means I need to set up a separate album at some stage. (I am already terribly slow in updating the blog, ooops.) For now though, one from among the firsts of the day – wedding photoshoot at the hill of Montmartre. The poor girl was coooooold, and in between shots, huddled enveloped within a huge furry jacket.

It is not uncommon to see wedding photoshoot around Paris. By the Eiffel Tower, next to fountains of Place de la Concorde, along Champs-Élysées… What is rather curious though, is that usually the couples are either Japanese or Chinese. I have not yet seen any French ones doing the same. Perhaps it has got to do with Asian tendency for establishing an entire album of wedding photo ahead of the big day. If French don’t do that, then it goes without saying they won’t have time to run around the city for posed photos on the wedding day itself.

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  1. Athena says:

    i can imagine how cold the bride must be!! and she still needs to muster up a sweet smile!

    pre-wedding shots are certainly an Asian culture!

  2. m3d says:

    speaking of wedding photos in paris…check my fren’s page out ;) http://www.jonlow.com/

  3. bjlau says:

    How I wish I can get nice place for my outdoor, still thinking of where in Pg that I can have my outdoor pic :P

  4. Chloé says:

    it’s a bit more complicated then that: a friend of mine had some pics taken beforehand, but then she was French and he was from Cyprus. maybe it’s a Cyprus thing? or maybe for “rich” Europeans? and no changing clothes all the time, just the one dress and the one suit, which they were wearing at the wedding afterwards.

    also, if you want to spy on wedding pics (not pre-wedding), snoop around in Luxembourg garden this summer. people getting married in 5th or 6th arrondissement go there for pics (both townhalls are near the garden).

    • Lil says:

      aaaah… well not sure if i would go deliberately spy at wedding pics. i have more things i would like to do with my free time you know ;)

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