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Day 97: Love locks

We are having a truly sunny spell at the moment. With temperature hitting low 20s°C for the next few days, it is unsurprising that everyone is out having (or currently planning) picnics, and across River Seine, Pont des Arts is quite the perfect spot. Even I was drawn to go over there quickly today, albeit only to take a few photos before heading to a friend’s for girls night in.

If you’re walking the bridge that has long been touted as lovers’ bridge, you’ll see padlocks all across the length of the bridge on both sides of the railings. The whole idea would be for couples to affirm the bond of their love to each other, represented by the lock, with the key thrown into the river, lost to seekers (and therefore those sought to break this hold).

However, the romantic that I am (not), I can’t help but wonder, what happen when love turns suffocating, as if an imprisonment, to which one party could not escape the other? And the symbolism of being under lock and key, does that stand for playing the role of somebody’s love slave? What do you think? Would you put a lock on Pont des Arts if given a chance to?

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  1. nuttycat says:

    Interesting idea them locks. I could see myself putting one there someday for fun.

    As long you don’t take it too seriously, I think it should be fine. (As long as yo and the person you put them there with, agrees with the whole thing just being for fun)

  2. Chloé says:

    i wouldn’t do it :P honestly, the huuuuuge number of locks make the bridge look silly. occasionaly, a paris worker will come over and break them apart. else the bridge would grow too heavy and fall into the Seine ;)

  3. Selena says:

    for those feeling “locked in” please may I respectfully recommend the use of a good quality bolt-cropper, available for a small price from your local hardware store???? :p

  4. Yeah I think the idea is nice and for the romantic is just a wonderful love story. But afterwhile that can be an eyesore and what happens when you are reminded everytime you pass that bridge of a love that didnt work but the lock remains.

    • Lil says:

      true too. so either don’t put one, or if one must, not on a bridge in the city one lives in. afterall there are other bridges elsewhere worldwide that are being used as lovers’ shrine like this.

  5. m3d says:

    hey…saw this in the papers here the other day
    i guess its more of a spur of a moment thingy…shouldn’t think too much into it..you know…like how people etched their names in the middle of a heart on tree bark like in the movies…its just something we humans do hehehe…regardless…i am sure during the moment when the couple places the lock there…they were in love with one another…after that…anything could happen eh ;)

    • Lil says:

      hmm i would never etch names on tree – the poor tree, it hurts. but you’re right, we can’t predict what’s to come in future. i’m so happy that you have a great love of your life and nurturing your relationship :D

  6. Chloé says:

    funnily enough, my SIL mentioned this morning that she’d noticed these locks today for the first time! (he doesn’t live in the city but comes often enough i would’ve thought :P)

  7. sila says:

    as selena said, bolt cutters from the local hardware store. perhaps cheaper than a trip to the lawyers ;)

    it’s only symbolic. what’s more important is in the hearts. i don’t need an external symbol to make it real. :)

  8. bjlau says:

    Did you realise that though lotsa lock there, but it’s never full??? because many came back to unlock it … for freedom I guess hahahaha

    • Lil says:

      the city council people come and remove them periodically. i found another bridge in paris recently that has full locks! i should take a picture of that one maybe…

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