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Day 283: Paris Observatory

It is another grey autumn day in Paris (I best get used to it), but not particularly cold, so still alright to wander around a little in the evening on a long walk. Somehow, my aimless stroll took me to the historic main building of Observatoire de Paris. The one the famously aligns with Fontaine de l’Observatoire and Jardin du Luxembourg.

So this quilted looking dome of the Perrault building is the Arago dome, named after François Arago, the director of the Observatory from 1834-1853. It houses an astronomical telescope, and may be visited as part of a 2-hour guided tour (reservation required) of the entire building. The tour also takes you floor by floor, to see the talking clocks room (ground floor), the grand gallery (first floor) and the Cassini Hall (second floor) where the Paris meridian is marked. I should try to book myself in for a tour.

Ps: hmmm, the French version says reservation is currently not available.

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  1. Chloé says:

    it’s also “visitable” on Journées du Patrimoine. i wanted to give it a go this year and we headed there a little before the opening time and the queue was already huge (several hours worth of queuing) >< maybe next year, i should go there 1h before opening time??? i've also heard about booked visits but never got around to study the options closely…

  2. m3d says:

    go for english version? or chinese hehehe ;)

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