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Day 312: Cosy (and nostalgia)

There is something about bars and pubs in winter – they somehow manage to look very cosy and inviting, especially when it’s cold cold outside baby. I suspect this association could also well be forged from years of living in Ireland where I spent the evening every now and then with my friends at our locals (or elsewhere when mood struck us). Try as they may, they haven’t manage to make an Irish girl out of me yet. (I can mentally picture Dave’s tut-tutting at me for ordering only 7-up in Kennedy’s!)

Nonetheless, it didn’t stop us from having a good evening out, chatting and snacking while forgetting just how chilly it could get outside. Something I miss much is pub quiz sessions, where often the rounds would start well but as the quiz progresses, the results may also deteriorate, pending on the number of pints the quiz-goers have imbibed. They are always good laughs though, could get a tad competitive, but still remain in good humour.

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  1. m3d says:

    only soft drinks? and wine but not beer or liquor?

    • Lil says:

      wine usually at dinner… if just pubs/bars, no beer, occasionally cider and maybe a cocktail or bailey’s. girlie drinks :p

      even then usually it’s 1-2 drinks max per evening and not more.

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