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Day 364: Sales now on!

Half the fun of Christmas break is feasting on delicious treats that various members of my family whip up over the few days that I’m around (have I mentioned there are numerous chefs in my family?) and the other half would be to take the opportunity to laze about. Or as my cousin quipped, bummin’ around.

The bonus then, would be hunting for bargain finds during post-Christmas sales. It is a lot more fun to shop when I don’t have to pay as much as I would, say, a week ago. While I didn’t grab this dinky serving tray, I have scored myself a good few items at incredibly low prices, including shoes, blouse, skirts and even a casual but cute dress. The trouble now would be trying to fit everything into my luggage that is not terribly big to start with and bring everything back with me to Paris!

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  1. m3d says:

    10 euro for the tray? good thing u didnt get it hehehe
    so did u managed to bring everything back to paris?

    • Lil says:

      meh, i have no use for a tray like this. thank goodness, i did manage to haul everything i want back with me. it was a whooping 18.5kg in a medium size luggage!

  2. Beejay says:

    18.5kg, you are like traveling from Malaysia then :P

    • Lil says:

      actually even worse. at least travel from malaysia was with large luggage bag. this is a medium one (like the one i left at home) and still managed to pack that much stuff in! ><

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