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A peek at Pornic

When we left for Brittany, in the train, I told Frédéric that we must go to La Trinitaine at some point during the weekend we were there. I was flexible for any activities that he could think of, but I absolutely could not come back without my favourite goodies from the shop – nougats tendres au caramel au beurre salé. It has been many moons since I finished the packet that I bought in Guérande and the hankering was getting stronger. Unfortunately for me, La Trinitaine is not available in Paris. (Ok, I could have ordered online but we were going to be in the region anyway, you know…)

This search also gave us a good excuse to visit yet another town within the vicinity of F’s hometown. Instead of revisiting Guérande, we decided to head to Pornic for a little walk-about. The weather was less co-operative in comparison to the previous day when we were out for the long walk at the Côte Sauvage. The sun and the rain battled to trump one another. As a result, most of the photos I took were less than brilliant, but here are some anyway ;)

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Despite the chill, we stopped by at La Fraiseraie for some ice cream anyway. I found the salted cameral nougats and snagged a few bags off the shelves, along with a couple of jars of salted caramel and other delicious spreads. (I guess you’ve figured by now that I’m a sucker for anything with salted caramel!)

We also saw most of the town centre (quickly), which was decidedly somber under the threat of rain cloud, and it was also a tad quieter up on the hill areas, since it was Sunday and most shops were closed. The businesses along the river front, however, were rather occupied with locals and visitors alike. I would love to return some other time, where I don’t have to duck for shelter every 10 minutes or so, and truly appreciate the quaint atmosphere it offered.

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  1. medca says:

    niceeeee…is that a castle thingy? ;)

  2. Selena says:

    oooo! like the bursting sunshine photo! although the name of the place made me raise my eyebrow cos it sounds kinda rude…… :p

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