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A little bit of snow

There has been much excitement towards the end of last week, when snow was forecasted to make its first appearance for the year. Everyone (I know) was waiting in gleeful anticipation on Monday when Météo-France issued the relevant alerts. Still, most part of the day was uneventful while the temperature remained chilly.

Snow in Paris

We spotted them upon our exit from the Grand Palais that evening, having fast-tracked our way in for the final evening of the exhibition of Bohèmes thanks to the card of Sésame+. We really should have gone a long time ago instead of squeezing it in last minute like this because the exhibition was completely packed!

It was fun and magical to have fat and fluffy flakes surrounding us while we ran for our bus and then on our short walk home from the bus stop. My inner child was just begging for more time outside. Unfortunately, food and beckoning warmth were too difficult to resist and after grabbing another couple of shots, we made our way indoors.

Snow in Paris

I was hoping for the snow to stick but no, shortly after we got home, it started to rain. Morning came and it was back to yet another morning of grey sky. We had a couple more short bursts of snowfall but that was it. The forecast of 5cm of snow never made it to Paris.

A new waiting game then began. The cold front will once again bring along snow – even more than earlier in the week – for the weekend and oh how everyone’s wishing it will stick this time. The collective praying seems to work – this evening, as you can see, rooftops and roads are turning into blankets of white. The lucky people who have garden/internal courtyard (sadly, not us) get to enjoy a real winter wonderland.

Snow in Paris

I am warmly wrapped up at home, looking out the window, debating whether to go out and play, or not. Alas, I will leave it for now. I’ll leave the continuous sprinkles of snow to weave its magic and be prepared to be up and out early tomorrow morning instead. Fingers crossed that this patience will be rewarded in the form of pristine winter scenes.

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  1. med says:

    hope you get your winter wonderland soon lil and dont forget the pictures!!! ;)

  2. med says:

    i can see them…wooohooo!!!!!

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