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Eggscellent! (œufs surprise from Patrick Roger)

On Friday evening, I came home to a beautiful green bag sitting on the table. Inside, a box of eggs, and these are no ordinary eggs ;)

Easter egg from Patrick Roger

Patrick Roger produces these specifically for Easter. The eggs have previously been emptied and thoroughly cleaned, before an even coating of dark chocolate was set within the eggs. Then, soft praline is piped into the core and finally sealed off with a dark chocolate button. Voilà! I’ll let the pictures (hover over them for captions) do the talking.

On the other hand, I’m not sure that my photographic skill does them justice though…

Easter egg from Patrick Roger

Easter egg from Patrick Roger

Easter egg from Patrick Roger

Easter egg from Patrick Roger

Weeeeell, that’s it folks. We were too eager to have a taste that we couldn’t really wait to get the right lighting etc, or even clean the plate for a tidy shot! In fact, the last shot was taken only after we’ve eaten half the egg away!

I absolutely adore the egg but Frédéric found the praline a little too sweet for his liking. Then again, his preference of chocolate runs on the dark side – the darker the better. These babies are not cheap, but as an once-a-year treat, it’s worth splurging on.

Happy Easter everyone, and may you have a fruitful chocolate hunt! In the mean time, I’m off to a THATLou hunt with Daisy de Plume :D

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10 scribbles & notes

  1. med says:

    hoooohooooo….happy easter to you too lil and those are very interesting eggs indeed!!!…so how not cheap are they?!?!? ;)

  2. Med says:

    Hohohohho. Wowww ;)

  3. Lauren Lou says:

    Yeay! Finally made it over to your blog!
    These eggs are just amazing! But what a splurge! I got a box of Patrick Roger chocolates for Valentines, can’t wait til next Easter to buy these in return!

    • Lil says:

      hi lauren! i had a peek over at yours last week too but didn’t have time to leave any comments, as i was still playing tourist with nancy :)

      patrick roger is always a splurge but well worth it, no? let’s meet up one day and i can still smuggle an egg to you :D

    • Lauren Lou says:

      Oh, don’t even worry about it! I’m chuffed you paid a visit. While I’m here, thank you for your email about the domain and email… I’m going to go do some investigating! Pics from my phone will be coming your way this week, too! And, yes, would love to catch up, soon! xx

    • Lil says:

      Cool – looking forward to the pictures. Will shoot you an email later on potential coffee catch up ;)

  4. tsar says:

    I remember this one. Yummmm! Merci for that :)

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