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Project 365 – Week 28

I am pondering, how is it that I seem to have less time to do everything that I want to do when the reality is that I should have more time? Have I taken on too much for myself to handle, or am I becoming less efficient nowadays, or what? I feel like I need to sit down and devise a better system for my personal research project but at the same time worry that this would be an even bigger time blackhole than how it already is. Tough.

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Carrot cupcakes

8 Jul: It has been a while since I baked. For my friend’s house-moving yesterday, I decided to whip up a large batch of carrot cupcakes to remember the day by, and to also feed the helpers who were set to shift her belongings some 900m away to the new apartment. To up the nuttiness ante, I used chopped hazelnut instead of the usual walnut. Topped it up with some cream cheese icing and we were good to go – gnom, gnom. These two were the last of the cupcakes when it occurred to me that I should at least take a photo or two!

Opéra Garnier

9 Jul: There are many spots in Paris where we can view the city from a vantage point, one of them being the rooftop of the Galerie Lafayette. On a sunny day, it is actually very easy to head up with some food to hold a quick picnic, while enjoying the view of the Opera Garnier, the Eiffel Tower, and the general beauty of Paris from this high up. Noura also have a branch of their restaurants up here, while ItMylk also have a small cart to sell their frozen yoghurt that can be dressed with fruits, nuts and candies.

Dynamo exhibition

10 Jul: The Dynano exhibition has been running for a while now at the Grand Palais but with the end date in just a couple of weeks, F and I decided to take advantage of Wednesday late evening opening to give it a whirl. Boy, were we blown away with the exhibition! A clever play on light, colour, motion and perception of movement, it is one of the most fascinating exhibitions I’ve seen of late. I’ll post more photos of the exhibition in another post, but the real magic happens in person rather than in picture. Highly recommending it and don’t go without pre-booked tickets as the queue is rather brutal.

Mosque minaret

11 Jul: And so the month of Ramadan has started a couple of days ago, with Muslims worldwide go on annual fasting month as part of the five pillars of Islamic teaching. Clearly it would be busy days throughout the month at the Grand Mosque of Paris, and as we went past this evening, there were many who came and went, some for prayers, some to wait for iftar and break the fast together. The glutton that I am, I find myself reminiscing over iftar goodies that I used to find in the special markets in Malaysia that mushroomed during Ramadan. Oh how I miss these markets…


12 Jul: On a warm summer evening, a cold bottle of cider is the drink to share between friends. If your dinner consists of delectable galettes, then the combination is just perfect. Jesper had just arrived in town for a week of holiday and without any hesitation, we agreed to have dinner at our favourite crêperie. F and I eat here about once a month, and by now they are familiar with us and even my habit (i.e. I like to add an egg to my galette if there isn’t one in it already). I know I haven’t write about this place on this blog, but I certainly have brought every one of my visiting guest there!

Church of Rahon

13 Jul: We were in Burgundy over the weekend to attend a wedding. What’s striking in the region is the patterned-tile roof, geometrically designed using glazed tiles typically of the colours of green, yellow, black and terracotta. Even in Rahon, a village not far from Dijon and where we were for the wedding, the roof of the local church boasts these toit bourguignon. These tiles are not cheap by any mean and increasingly, those who find it too expensive to install a full set of roof using these tiles would end up marking a small corner of the roof with the motif, and the remaining with standard terracotta tiles.

Owl and books

14 Jul: The symbol of owl is omnipresent in Dijon, where we have stopped over for a daytrip on our way back to Paris. On a Sunday, it is normally a quiet town, and with 14 July (or more widely known as Bastille Day to the Anglophones) compounded to it, we felt like we had the town mostly to ourselves. This photo was taken inside a restaurant housed within the oldest building in Dijon, right next to the church of Notre Dame. It is thanks to this church that the emblem of the owl took off, where a sculpture of an owl is touted as a good luck charm. One touches the owl with the left hand (the hand closer to the heart) and makes a wish. Let’s see if my wish will come true in the near future ;)

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  1. med says:

    tell me about it and i think you still manage to do a lot more with your time….my weekdays are basically down the drain….and insufficient zzzzzz

    ah buka puasa market….just went to one last sunday and there is another one at my station every evening now….the smell wafting through the air…mmmmmmmm ;) hehehe

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