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Project 365 – Week 36

May I say just how much I am looking forward to my vacation? All things finalised, booked, printed and nitty-gritty details all updated to my TripIt app, I guess that means we are all set. The only thing that I know I won’t be able to realistically achieve is to schedule blog posts during my absence, so there’s going to be a whole lot of back-dated posts in the next few weeks…

* * *


2 Sep: The first time someone suggested that we go to an “afterworks” I was rather confused, especially since the invitation was issued in French. The explanation that was given to me sounded like a Friday evening blowout party at a club, something not particularly my kind of thing, so I declined. For me, an outing after work is more aligned towards a group at a local pub where we can chill, have a drink or two, chit chat, and maybe then decide if to go on an impromptu dinner together or not. (I sound old and sooo not hip, isn’t it?)

Street protest

3 Sep: It is not unusual in France for people to take to the streets or main squares for causes that they believe in and that they support. Occasionally, the protests may not even directly impact the majority of the people living in the country, but pertains more to raising awareness of current issues. Middle East-related protests have been on the rise lately, usually participated by a handful dozen of supporters. The turmoil of Egypt was played out this evening by pro-Islamic, pro-Morsi activists, drawing link to the Islamic movement in Algeria – this is something I’m still struggling to understand, but hey, the politics of the region is anything but straight-forward.


4 Sep: I used to think it’s rather silly for someone to remark that they are fearful of the clowns. Afterall, they are fun, colourful character designed to entertain kids. However, after spotting these figurines, I’m having a second thought. These look fairly creepy and sinister, one of those that may come to live in a horror movie to do all kinds of unthinkable and unspeakable acts. Could even be something akin to the insane Joker in the Batman series… Huh, why had it not occur to me before that clowns could be that evil?

Notre Dame

5 Sep: Every time I look up at the towers of the Notre Dame, I told myself I should get myself up there again one of these days. It has been years since I last climbed up the towers (with my brother and my sister-in-law) and braved the steady, chilly wind atop to photograph the gargoyles overlooking the city and many other unmistakable landmarks. It is the long queue at the side of the cathedral that successfully put me off revisiting – they have to control for the number of people at the towers at any one time for safety and comfort reasons – so unless I head up early one of the mornings, it won’t be happening any time soon.


6 Sep: Perfect bite size chocolate pieces, with fruit and nuts scattered all over – what’s not to like? These are, of course, the modern take of the mendiant. Traditionally, it’s composed of a chocolate disk with raisins, fig, almond and hazelnut. Each one of these fruits and nuts represent a monastic order’s robe colour, among the Dominicans, Franciscans, Carmelites and Augustins. The word mendiant itself means beggar, and these monastic orders rely on charitable donations for their livelihood, thus lending the name to the treat.


7 Sep: French windows in old buildings fascinate me, specifically the locking mechanism that’s nothing like the contemporary ones that we’ve accustomed to. They usually come rather ornated around the turning knob, and from time to time, an intricate series of locking sequence link the knob to the pole that inserts itself to form a steely and sturdy structure that could withstand the elements and possible intrusions. There’s no key nor padlock required to set the lock, mere slotting different parts into different compartments to make it a fully functional system.

Dali and Stravinsky

8 Sep: In the shadow of Centre Pompidou lies an iconic mural of Salvador Dali, and at its footstep, the Stravinsky Fountain with sculptures in bold colours by sculptors Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle. This is one of the few whimsical locations of Paris where I go to for an non-quiet escape, to daydream among chaotic movements (it’s always rather busy around here) and to observe the passers-by. The sculptures whirl and twirl, sprout soothing sound of water, and bestow an undeniable sense of dynamism in this small corner of the quarter of Les Halles.

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  1. med says:

    u can leave a gap in your posting lil hehehe ;)
    those are very yummy looking chocolate pieces and fountain is beeeyootiifuulll!

    • Lil says:

      Don’t encourage me! I’m catching up, and now that I’m starting to write again, it’s coming along easier than at the beginning, when I got major blogger’s block. Need to keep disciplined and keep on writing :)

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