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Project 365 – Week 37

I must be out of my mind. I’ve signed up for online courses that are starting pretty much at the same time as my main vacation this year. Since this is my first dip into such uncharted territory, I am not sure how much commitment would be required of me. Not only that, I have also planned for a fortnight of internet detox, so that’s unlikely going to be helpful either!

* * *

Hôtel de Ville

9 Sep: The parvis of Hôtel de Ville is always busy. Centrally located, it is subject to tens of thousand pairs of footsteps daily, and yet rather curiously, I hardly go anywhere near it unless I’m searching for an ice cream fix. More specifically, when I want some delicious gelato of Pozzetto. I grumbled that the building is too large to be photographed (come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever posted a photo of it in this blog…) but frankly, I should have tried harder. How about starting with just a little part of it for now?


10 Sep: After all this time living in Paris, I’m supposed to be tired of looking at macarons or even eating them, no? Apparently not. I still am fascinated, looking at colourful displays of these bite-size pastries anywhere in the city, although I am more selective of where I buy them. The handful few of you who read this blog often know I’m a big fan of PH’s. In fact, I swing by far too regularly to his shops, given the man is savvy enough to bait me with new flavour(s) every month – such a sucker/fangirl.


11 Sep: There is only one neighbourhood in Paris where windmills can still be spotted – Montmartre. There used to be a good baker’s dozen of windmills on this hill, but today only two remain, relatively close to one another at that too. One sits atop of the restaurant Moulin de la Galette (pictured here) and another above the T-intersection of rue Lepic and rue Tholozé (a lot harder to photograph given trees that block the view). However, talking about windmills mean we should also not forget that there’s always the neon red-coloured windmill of Moulin Rouge. The difference is, that is not a former functioning windmill.

Street musician

12 Sep: People say “let the music heals your soul”. I say, let music be the soundtrack of who we are, at any moment, anywhere. I don’t always want music to be healing. Some day, I need music to be encouraging (I can’t jog without music). Some day, I need music to bright and cheerful (so I’ll smile all day). Some day, I need music to cry with (thankfully, this is rare). Some day, I need music to infuse rhythm in my dance (oh yes, sway, baby, sway). That’s all. Not healing requirement, just be.


13 Sep: I should be packing. I shouldn’t be wandering about. I’ve systematically go through a list of to-do’s and time is ticking down. I am excited too. In a few days I’ll be celebrating my birthday (with F, of course) somewhere exotic, then I’ll be seeing my family and friends. I’ve printed all that I need to print. I’ve dug out the foreign currencies that I’d be needing. I’ve charged the eBook reader and all five batteries for my two cameras. I’ve got my passport, my foreign SIM card, and most importantly, I’ve got my inflatable buoy meant for beginner snorkelling. Adventures ahead!


14 Sep: The slight dampener about travelling though is the time it takes to get there. Between home and the first destination of our holiday, door to door, we counted some 29 hours of travelling time *gulp*: 3 hours to get to the airport, 12.5 hours flight, 1 hour immigration control and luggage retrieval, 0.5 hours KLIA terminal transfer, 8 hours transit, 3 hours flight, 1 hour immigration control, exiting the airport and getting to the hotel. Even calculating this is making me tired. Just as well I didn’t pay too much attention initially or this trip may never have happened! In the mean time, farewell kisses from Paris ;)


15 Sep: After an extremely long (flying) day – luckily we managed to offset some of the onboard sleep debt by checking in to Tunes Hotel for a nap before our AirAsia flight – we would soon arrive in Bali. Underneath us, the thick cloud was like a big layer of cotton candy, giving way to a handful few tall mountains. We prayed hard that the weather would play nice with us for the following days, but in the mean time, we had a pretty darn awesome sunset while flying in.

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2 scribbles & notes

  1. med says:

    wooohoo macarooonsssssss and that’s a lovely lovely sunset indeed ;)
    my my, you must have taken notes in your journal or u have a fantabulous memory… else how would you remember these details for this entry on things that happened 2 months back hehehehe

    • Lil says:

      For P365, it’s easy enough, since the photos work well as cue to little things that happened on those days. When travelling though, I do rely on notes that I duly jotted down in my Moleskine. Sometimes I’m less thorough than I really should be… oops… ;)

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