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Project 365 – Week 38

This is week one of our main holiday for the year and we’re in south east Asia! It had been a rather relaxing week, all in all, with considerable time spent in the sea – what can I say? F loves snorkelling – and some other time sightseeing and eating. There would be a lot of eating throughout the trip. Such a shame though I was given wrong info about a certain family function so our time in Bali was cut short. Oh well…

* * *

Funereal offering

16 Sep: There are nine directional temples in Bali and among them, this is the least known to foreigners. Pura Masceti is off the beaten path, the site truly sacred (no watersports or sunbathing on the stretch of the beach adjacent to the temple) with countless purification and funeral ceremonies taking place here. Legend also has it that this was where Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakhsmi came to end their relationship following a fierce argument. Balinese therefore believe that couples in relationship should not visit the temple or risk coming to their own irreconcilable differences.

Infinity pool

17 Sep: Ah little indulgences of life… for my birthday treat, we’ve booked in to a rather fancy hotel in Amed right by the sea, complete with infinity pool and all. Our bungalow is surrounded by lushful trees and colourful flowers, and even the open-air shower is surrounded by beautifully tended plants. Earlier in the morning (while still at another hotel in another village in the area) I also went out for my first snorkelling session ever. It was a little scary to see the sea floor disappearing the further out we went!


18 Sep: After a long drive from Amed, we finally got to the Mother Temple of Bali, the Pura Besakih, that is located some 1000 metres on the slopes of Gunung Agung, the highest point of the island and still an active volcano. It is actually a complex of over 20 temples, with extensive garden on multiple terrace levels. We went up to the highest level, to the main sanctuary called Pura Penataran Agung. Here, I made a small offering of my own for the good health of my loved ones.

Babi guling

19 Sep: I have to say, I do not get the fuss over the babi guling (roast suckling pig) served at Ibu Oka. Blasphemous, maybe, given it is practically an institution where car loads of people just keep coming in. Besides, Anthony Bourdain said this is the best! (Can you sense the sarcasm there?) Not only there were no locals eating at Ibu Oka, the Balinese spice that we’ve come to love in the last few days were also missing in action. All the catering for foreign taste had tamed down the authenticity and the heat of the spice mix. The small square of skin was jaw-bustingly hard (overdoing it on the crunch?) although I must give them the kudos on succulent meat. Overall, one word – underwhelmed.

Bling gate

20 Sep: Once upon a time, someone decided to build a dream home, and heaven forbid if other fellow inhabitants of the town don’t believe that they’re sufficiently wealthy. It is therefore imperative to stick a whole bunch of dollar signs on the gate, of course. I wonder now if there are also other dollar-sign items among the designed interiors. Surface of the coffee table? Carvings on the chairs? Imprints on the curtains? Bed sheets? Coasters? (Ok, ok, I’ll stop the mocking…)

Pandan egg tart

21 Sep: One of my favourite sweet treats at home is the egg custard tart, and this is the first time I came across a variation to it – pandan egg tart. The colour appeared unappetisingly strange to F, but I happily chomped it down, knowing that the colour was all natural from the pandan leave extract itself. With flaky pastry and creamy custard, it hit just the right spots. Can I get more, please? Along with other dim sum item, gnom gnom gnom. (Yes, I turn into a massive hungry bear whenever I go home.)


22 Sep: The trouble with living on 23rd floor is when there’s problem with the lift, it’s a long walk up/down. The plus side though – there are no mosquitos at this altitude and there’s also a magnificent view to be had. This is part of the scenic view from the balcony of my brother’s apartment, photographed just before we trodded our way down because the lift was acting up. Luckily, by the time we return from dinner, the system was fully operational again. Otherwise, by the time we get all the way back up, I may need a supper to replace the caloric lost from the walk. :p

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    ah hah…so the ‘filthy rich’ resident’s address is also $ eh ;) inviting robbers or reverse psychology hehehe

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