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Project 365 – Week 40

Final week of holiday and then we’re back in good ol’ Paris. We were lucky to not have suffered too much from jetlag when we flew out to Southeast Asia, courtesy of a 3-hours hotel room rental in KLIA to nap before we headed further south to Bali. We were all adjusted from Day 1 after arrival. Coming back, it’s different. We now find ourselves up at 5am and ready to sleep by 7pm. Good thing we have relatively flexible working hour, since it means starting our work day by a couple of hours earlier than usual (might as well) and therefore ending it slightly earlier too.

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Old Dutch fort

30 Sep: Many many years ago, my friends and I did a geographical survey of the area surrounding this former (reconstructed) Dutch fort, designed in the 17th century to store and to protect the abundant tin supplies in the state. I don’t remember what we wrote, but it was certainly back in an era when I was punching away at a typewriter so we would have a neatly written report. Spaces were left empty on certain pages so we could incorporate tables, charts and photographs. There were just no such thing as instant paragraph editing and constant play with format etc, so we really had to plan ahead on layout to make sure everything was good to go!

Buddhist temple

1 Oct: I really like this photo, which was actually taken by F while I was praying at a local temple near home. As a child, I used to spend considerable amount of time within its compound. My late greatgrandma (whom I addressed as “Ah Chor”) and my eldest grandaunt were active volunteers of the temple, and I would often be found alongside Ah Chor, doing whatever that I can to help her out. Festival periods were particularly busy. This was my quality time with her, for my brothers were never afforded similar kind of attention. I miss her so much, and to honour her memory, I find myself at the temple each time I go home.


2 Oct: Welcome to Shangri-La Hotel. No, no, we can’t afford to stay in such a fancy hotel in Kuala Lumpur. However, we certainly did take advantage of the fact that my aunt was a guest and we could use her room as a base while sight-seeing around Kuala Lumpur. We could freshen up after our walk-about – it felt so good after being out under a 33°C heat – and its central location means it was easy to arrange to meet my friends who are nearby. Another plus point: F could use the wifi to check his mails and whats not. (I was still on internet detox, so none for me.)

Peacock feather

3 Oct: The feather of a peacock bears my favourite colour, blue, and displays it in varying shades. A certain shine holds the central “eye” in a shimmer, and complementary streaks of green and yellow serve to enhance the form and its brightness. The full spread of a peacock’s plumage has never ceased to amaze me, for it is majestic and mesmerising. This is one of those little things in life that reminds me of just how beautiful natural world is set out to be. If only a peacock would show off the spread a bit more each time I come across one… they’re rather shy, preferring to scurry away instead.


4 Oct: We have no idea who these guys are. We were walking past a row of disused premises, and suddenly there was a small entourage that stepped out so they can continue their photoshoot with these two guys. Are they some kind of local celebrities in Malaysia? Or just some guys getting head-shoots for whatever purpose? Questionable fashion decision aside, the whole concept of public photoshoot is something foreign to F. He found this whole setting rather amusing, while I pondered if this was something popular among hipsters in KL?

Pierre Hermé

5 Oct: Well, well, first hours back in Paris and already I was in search for a pastry fix. With a friend – who was in Paris for conference – in tow, we went to Pierre Hermé after our lunch to pick up some goodies. Not only that, we also swung by Patrick Roger for some chocolate. How decadent a lifestyle, right? My reasonings: after an absence of several weeks, I was keen to see what were new on offer, and given my friend’s love of food, which pastry to introduce him to. We were certainly not disappointed with our selection of individual cakes, macarons and chocolates, gnom.

Street art

6 Oct: This wall was spotted en route to a friend’s for her birthday party, and I was immediately drawn to the tropical feel of this portrayed indoor green house. It reminds me of the greenhouses in Parc André Citroën and Jardin des Plantes, except here, the plants would not die but remain leafy and exotic. I am also assuming that the guy in pink pants on the wall must be the representation of someone on vacation. For some reason, I’ve noticed, many European men who like to deck themselves out in pink (shirt, pants) while they’re on holiday. Is there some kind of unspoken holiday wardrobe rule?

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  1. med says:

    ooooo…ure quick pastry fix looks super yummmmyyyyy…mango layered cake?

  2. Chloé says:

    one of the guys i work with often wears either a pink shirt or a pink sweater… i’m told he often wears assorted socks but i always forget to check! i use a pink marker on my to-do list for items i have to discuss with him ;) he is definitely not on holiday!

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