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Project 365 – Week 46

I have a couple more posts on Malaysia to come, then we’ll be back to talking more about Paris and other random things. In a way I’m rather pleased that I’ve managed to write up about the various trips before I forget more of the details, even if they are already a little later than usual. You don’t mind it too much, do you? ;)

* * *

Window decoration

11 Nov: This has got to win some sort of window-dressing award! It’s like someone has gone to a bric-a-brac and came back with a random selection of things – Kennedy-like bust, miniature pig to go above its head, a selection of transportation methods and plushies as company… I’m still not completely sure how to interpret the pig over one’s head thing though. Do you have any theory?


12 Nov: He was a lovely fellow that I befriended in Wicklow. I was out for a brisk walk after lunch, hoping to photograph some autumnal colours in the mountains, when we spotted each other. He came over to say hello, got a good patting, maybe hoping I had a sugar cube or two (sorry, love, I didn’t have anything delicious in my pocket) while I completely took advantage of the opportunity to immortalise him digitally.

Dining out

13 Nov: It has been a year since F and I got PACSed! We gave a nod to the event by heading out for a low-key but gourmet dinner at Agapé Substance, a treat that came along with a 12-dish tasting menu. It was a very fine meal served with excellent service, which I had initially decided not to photograph for I wanted to focus just on us that evening. Clearly, I failed about half way through, by sneaking a handful few shots here and there. Normally, the restaurant would also be too pricey for us, but luckily, there was a deal on La Fourchette that we took advantage of.

Crafted ballerina

14 Nov: Lately, I’ve been pondering getting tickets to see a ballet or two. Or maybe an opera? It has been a while since I last went to a theatre for some live performances, and I’m jonesing for a cultural evening out. The trouble with living in Paris and trying to get reasonably priced ticket to a ballet or an opera means booking far well in advance, usually on the opening day of the performance’s ticket sale. Tickets fly off the shelf quickly. Within a couple of hours, popular shows may well be sold out (perhaps with exception the most expensive tickets).


15 Nov: A new shopping centre has just been inaugurated at Beaugrenelle. Perhaps, it’s more apt to say a re-opening, since the space was already there, just it has been nearly a decade since it last functioned as a commercial centre. Among the shops opening up here is Marks & Spencer, with a good M&S Food Hall which I’ve missed very much. Location just a short métro ride away from home, I think I’ll be coming here fairly often from now on. ;)


16 Nov: The moment I saw this shop in the Marais, a tune started playing in my head, and it had been there all day. A bit annoying to not be able to shake it off easily, yet at the same time it reminded me of good times when I played that album on a loop. I’ve been a fan of Darren Hayes since his Savage Garden days, but somehow since my move to Paris, I’ve lost track of his works. Methinks it’s time to test out his latest album on Deezer.

Stay warm

17 Nov: What a timely reminder! While I’ve kicked off the hot chocolate season last month with a friend, I haven’t actually start another round of hot chocolate tasting around town yet. Last year, by this time, I had already checked a good few out, enough to write a short summary of my hunting adventure. Do you think this may have something to do with my recent “I’m off chocolate” mode?

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  1. med says:

    Should have taken the horsy home kekekeke ;)
    ooooo 12 dish tasting menu yummmmyyyyy!!!

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