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Project 365: Week 1 – Aléatoire

With seemingly a gazillion and one things happening, this week’s photos consist of a random mix, summing up the chosen word rather nicely: aléatoire. I must admit, photography is low on my priority at the moment, as we dealt with certain apartment-related hiccups, postponed our move by a week, and started to pack (and still packing – how much stuff can one own while living in a small Parisian apartment?!) everything up. Intermittently, there were friends to see, closing exhibitions to catch, and galette des rois to eat.

* * *


30 December: Throughout the month of December, all the carousels owned and operated by the city council have been offering free rides to much delights of the children, and perhaps parents/grandparents too, especially those whose young ones normally want to ride it over and over and over and refuse to leave without throwing a tantrum. Afterall, it can get expensive quickly. The danger, of course, is said children in question will continue to seek the same, if not more, number of rides once they are no longer free again…


31 December: There are a small number of public parks within minutes walking distance from our new apartment, yet nothing really big enough to jog properly in. With the move, Jardin du Luxembourg would be even farther to get to. A quick scan on the map, however, shows a 10-mins walking distance to Avenue Breteuil, which then continues onward to Les Invalides and the green space in front of it, or alternatively 15-mins walking distance to Champs de Mars if we are to jog around the grounds of the Eiffel Tower. Pretty decent solutions, don’t you think?


1 Jan: There were lots of people out and about town. I’d thought many would opt to stay in after a crazy night of partying, but no, instead, when my friends and I went to the Musée de l’Orangerie for an exhibition, the queue was running along the length of the museum and wrapped towards the back. Needless to say, the adjacent Jardin des Tuileries was packed too, but with little seatings available, since the chairs were all stacked up in one corner and locked away.


2 Jan: After the rain came the sunny blue sky, just right for the walk that I badly needed to clear my mind. I hope this is a sign of things to come, as in, after the various things in the new apartment that caused certain anxiety reported to the lessor and waiting for remedies, everything else will come along smoothly. I’m still pondering how we can make the new nest as cosy as possible, but I fear there may be a lot of DIY work to do in the coming weeks. Deep breath.


3 Jan: I headed to the Grand Palais in the morning with the aim of getting a Sésame pass for 2013/2014 season. Once there, however, I was made to queue with people waiting to see a rather popular closing exhibition (of Braque) instead of being directed to the only counter dealing with the pass. Since I had to queue, I decided to see an exhibition to make up for it. I went to see an opulent display of works by the house of Cartier, some works inspired by this very colourful pages.

Street decorations

4 Jan: Now that Christmas is over and Epiphany is looming, the street lightings won’t stay on for too long more. We were treated to a beautiful view on the rather deserted rue Soufflot (doesn’t seems quiet given the number of cars happened to be photographed at the traffic junction!) when the Eiffel Tower just started to sparkle, for the regular 5-minute-on-the-hour light show. Just one of those little things that make Paris magical and for us to forget our worries for a short moment.


5 Jan: The third day in a week that I was in Grand Palais/Place de la Concorde area! This morning, we finally saw Braque in the Grand Palais, and on exiting, F and C spotted this statue of General de Gaulle at Place Clemenceau and wondered if it had always been here. They had not noticed its presence before. I have seen it before, although I had not paid particular attention as to when it was erected either. It was the year 2000, by the way.

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3 scribbles & notes

  1. med says:

    busy busy but still manage this eh lil ;) so looks like another project 365 yah hehehe

    From your weekly entries and photos so far, it does make Paris pretty and pretty interesting :)

    • Love the chairs shot – as per the free maneges Storsh and I had a ball on them over Christmas break. Such fun!

    • Lil says:

      @med – this was a reasonably good week. i’m afraid week 2 is a bit crappy but hopefully week 3 would be back on track again (i haven’t yet reviewed the photos on the computer)

      @daisy – hehe, is storsh asking for more rides now? ;)

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