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Frenchie To Go

Something must have lined up in the celestial. I am constantly in search for good grub in Paris, but I am by no mean someone from the “in” crowd who score tables at the latest gourmet openings in the city, not to mention our eating out budget doesn’t quite stretch that far to be a fixture in the dining scene. Imagine my surprise at easily snagging a table for two at Frenchie (via La Fourchette), albeit two months in advance, and then successfully wrangling Chloé to lunch at Frenchie To Go in matter of days.

Frenchie to go

Frenchie to go

Tucked away in rue du Nil (very near to the Passage du Caire, of course) and adjacent to Gregory Marchand’s other ventures – Frenchie and Frenchie Wine Bar – it wasn’t too crazy busy when we were there on a warm Sunday afternoon, but clearly well-loved, as we just about snagged the last two seats in the cosy café-deli. ***

Given my weakness for pastrami, coupled with a want to try more from the menu, C and I agreed to split and trade our sandwiches. “One Reuben and one pulled pork, please!” And some home-made ginger beer and lemon tea too, although I could do with simpler straw for drinking instead of the pretty green-and-white paper ones that were available at the counter. Our order, however, was mistakenly sent to a table where the diners got in behind us but sat down right away without yet ordering. The extra wait was rewarded with a side of amazing chips, so we have no complaints whatsoever.

Frenchie to go

Frenchie to go

Frenchie to go

Our sandwiches were succulent and hit all the right spots. I have quite forgotten what great non-baguette sandwiches were like. The Reuben was piled thick with juicy pastrami and tangy ‘slaw, held together with toasted rye slices, while the pulled pork sandwich was served almost burger-like, with tender pork, BBQ sauce and more ‘slaw. I’d happily eat more of them anytime!

We were trying to be valiant and resist the sweets, but succumbed to the call of the sticky bun. We stayed reasonable though, sharing one between us, and my oh my, how could anyone refuse such caramelised goodness? Alternatively, there were also doughnuts, cookies, brownies and scones – actually bacon scones! – which we didn’t try, so we’ll have a good excuse to be back again at some other time. (I’ve since heard there’s something wonderful in their hot chocolate too, but we’re leaving the winter behind us, I’m debating saving it till the next hot chocolate season.)

If you’re wondering what the bill was like, well, for a couple sandwiches, a couple of drinks and a sticky bun, it certainly didn’t come cheap. We hit the €36 mark without having to pay for the chips, otherwise the final total would be hovering at some €40 or so. On one hand, the food is excellent, no question about it. On the other hand, I can’t justify such sandwich price on a regular basis. I guess this means FTG will be down on my list as a place for the occassional treat, and sadly not more.

Frenchie To Go
9 rue du Nil, 75002 Paris
Métro: Sentier
Daily 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday, 9.30am – 5.30pm Saturday and Sunday

*** I thought I spotted Penelope Bagieu in one corner but C wasn’t quite so sure, but later the same day, presto, confirmation by tweet, she was there! (I get a little giddy because normally, I totally suck at identifying internationally famous people walking by me – yes, it happened, a few times – so to recognise someone local, that’s huge!)

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  1. med says:

    Super yummyyyyy looking sandwiches (me super love sandwiches) but yea, super pricey too wow! ;)

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