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La Table d’Aki

F and I marked our anniversary with a small splurge – dinner at La Table d’Aki. Promptly at 8pm, the window cover was raised, and we stepped into a dining room about the size of the living room in our cosy Parisian apartment. Definitely minimalist in decor, monochromic palate of white (except the draft-blocking curtain and the low wall, both in red, by the door), as we were seated, I whispered to F: “16 covers only!”

Dinner @ La Table d'Aki

Dinner @ La Table d'Aki

We were the first ones in that evening, and for 20 minutes, we had the entire restaurant to ourselves – how luxurious to enjoy this kind of intimacy! As the restaurant proposes single menu dining, the only decision we needed to make was to either order the 4-course or the 5-course experience, at €52 and €65 respectively, for our fish-centric dinner. (No price for guessing which we went for.) F didn’t even had much say on the wine, as there was only one option for the white wine by the glass, at €8.

Dinner @ La Table d'Aki

Dinner @ La Table d'Aki

There were a couple of starters to our meal. We were first served a truly succulent and perfectly cooked langoustine with some fruit chutney, and I lamented how quickly the bite disappeared from our plates, never mind that I have shellfish sensitivity and should only eat langoustine in very small doses.

I was delighted when the subsequent plate came along with a pair of scallops on a shallow bed of topinambour purée and topped with foam. They, too, got eaten far too easily, and I could definitely do with another couple more. I sighed with happiness.

Dinner @ La Table d'Aki

Dinner @ La Table d'Aki

While we ate, the dining room was gradually being filled and soon, only a sole table for two remained unoccupied. The atmosphere was largely convivial, and a table of fellow diners were certainly quite merry and did not mind who they are sharing their stories with.

Making a very quick mental calculation, our two subsequent plates should be our mains. One of these would not have been served if we had gone for a 4-course meal (there, the answer is revealed). First up was a piece of fresh and flaky cod, served with caramelised salsify. It was followed by panfried seabass served with citrusy green beans. Both dishes were impeccably cooked and had been just lightly sprinkled with minute amount of fleur du sel – sublime. If only there were more…

Dinner @ La Table d'Aki

Too soon, we were served with a vanilla dacquoise to end our meal. It was crisp and creamy at the same time, a delight to eat, for it was also full of the vanilla goodness. Rather amusingly, I felt like I just had a meal where bright colours seem to have mostly gone in hiding, for fear of clashing with the shades of white.

There is no question that we’ve eaten a very fine meal that evening. My only gripe would be with the portion size. For a gastronomic meal, I naturally do expect controlled portions so the meal can be enjoyed in entirety to the right level of satiation. However, given the price, it could definitely afford to be a bit more generous. When we left, I hesitantly told F that a light supper may be needed by the time we got home…

La Table d’Aki
49 rue Vaneau, 75007 Paris
Métro: Saint-François Xavier, Vaneau
Tel: +33 (0)1 45 44 43 48
Daily 12.00pm – 2.00pm, 8.00pm – 10.00pm; except Sunday and Monday

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  1. med says:

    Happy anniversary u two ;) more to come alright and that’s a very fine looking dinner hehehe

  2. adey says:

    what were the sauces served with the dishes (i.e mains))?

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