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It appears I’ve been flitting in and out several “hip” eating places lately, and Siseng Asian Food Bar is one of them. Each time, I feel just as awkward as ever besides the stylish folks (although I do question the decision of a man stepping in with a bathrobe from a hotel as his coat – F was there too so he can attest to this!) until the food was set in front of me. Then, all else was forgotten and my taste-buds got to monopolise my thoughts.



After New York, London and Hong Kong, bao burger has landed in Paris, thanks to Siseng. White, pillowy steamed buns replace the traditional sesame burger buns, and two different versions are available: bao burger kaï – marinated chicken burger with coleslaw, red pepper confit and a sauce of basil and coconut milk, or bao burger 5 épices – 5 spiced-marinated beef steak with rocket, spinach, onion confit, onion rings and a sauce of caramelised tamarind. They were juicy and the Asian-fusion flavour combination hit the right spots for me personally. The mid-week lunch menu comes with a serving of sweet potato fries, which makes a nice change from the usual french fries, and housedrink of the day for €15.

Since this is a food bar, there are other things on the menu too, ranging from rice paper rolls – they call these springrolls – to croquettes, from noodle-based dishes to even bento box. I like their bo bun which includes curry-marinated beef (the purist will not be happy to see this!) and a light and tangy sauce, and F thoroughly enjoyed his order of slightly spicy black bean udon with minced veal. We also tested cumin-marinated pork springrolls but felt the rice paper layer was thicker than necessary, so we didn’t quite get a good taste of the fillings like it should. The sauce that accompanied the springrolls, while fresh to taste, also overpowered the rolls themselves.




Drink-wise, there are many interesting cocktails and sakes listed, but given my visits were confined to lunches, I yield to housedrinks instead, which were sort of virgin cocktails, including one with aloe vera with honey and lemon, one with black tea and chrysanthemum syrup as well as cayenne pepper, one with green tea, kaffir, lemon leave syrup and ginger ale, as well as one with watermelon, lemon and lemon leave syrup.

The dessert menu is very small, with only two items: tartlette of the day, and coconut flan. Too full after the meal from eating too much more, I made do with just a coconut flan to share. I did wonder if I was one of the rare few who ordered a dessert here, since everyone seemed to leave after they chomped down the savoury dishes…

Given I’m always a tad sceptical about things that are too trendy, Siseng has been a good find for delicious Asian fusion at a reasonable price. Even F who came along grudgingly because it is located on the other side of Paris from where we live – and it did not help that the weather was miserably grey and chilly – ended up loving it and cheered up considerably as the meal progressed. One downside though: I will not be able to send veg-loving friends over because the menu caters largely to carnivorous crowd.

Siseng does not take reservations, so be there a few minutes before it opens or risk having to queue. It didn’t matter that my lunch visits were during the weekday or weekend, or on a sunny or drizzly day. The restaurant filled up quickly given it seats only 33-34 customers max. Service was friendly and efficient, and I like that each seat came with a very practical under-the-table hook for bag and/or coat.

82 quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris
Métro: Gare de l’Est, Jacques Bonsergent, République
Daily except Monday; lunch 12.00pm – 3.30pm, dinner 7.00pm – 11.00pm (2.00am on Friday/Saturday)

Ps: for some reason, Google shows it as permanently closed; this is definitely not the case!

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  1. med says:

    ooooooo yummmyyyyyy….the bao burgers look awesome!!! I am going for lunch now ;)

    • Lil says:

      Hehe… I believe bao burger is available in Melb too so you may want to check it out yourself? ;)

  2. med says:

    Wooooow…you are right! Wonderboa hahaha. Ok, I will go check it out ;)

  3. med says:

    ;) not yet

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