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Randomly: Food

Eat in, eat out, does it matter which? Sure, I haven’t been cooking nor baking as much at home lately, and the next couple of months will unlikely to see an increase in kitchen-y activities for me as we have a good few trips coming around. And when I do, things are kept easy and simple, leaving the fancier stuff to the professionals and all I need to do is order them. ;)



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Day 313: Candy seller

How often do you buy pick-n-mix? And where do you buy them? Cinema? Shopping mall? By the street outside the cinema? That’s where you can find this little candy stall. At St-Germain, by an exit of Odéon métro station, at the intersection between a number of cinemas. Handy, eh?

This is time for a little disclaimer though – I don’t buy pick-n-mix when I go to the movies. In fact, nowadays, I don’t even get popcorns. Gone are my movie snacking days. I think I may have been weaned off popcorns because those I can find in Dublin are salty. They’re not like the buttery and sweet popcorn I used to get while I was growing up. I am not sure if there is such popcorn in Paris. Perhaps I should check.

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