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Vintage shopping board game

Pretty much any French household that I’ve been to have a stash of board games somewhere, along with stacks of cards and perhaps even a set of tarot, collectively known as jeux de société. Game night in France doesn’t necessarily means a bunch of people meeting for online RPG and the likes, but rather lovers of a variety of (commonly) multi-player board and card games gathering together and indulged in some fun and games. There are gaming clubs that one can find nationwide!

While going through my folders of photos this evening, I came across a few photos which I took a few months ago but have completely forgotten. They are photos of a set of vintage shopping-themed board game which my friends and I played when we were away on a countryside weekend break. It is called – wait for it – Gay-Play! Imagine the name being used today; I’m sure there would be uproars along the way. The game was also alternatively known as Pik-Paks and Shopping familial. (Really? Who was the marketing manager??)


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