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The Big Screen 2015

We no longer have a cinema pass, as we find ourselves in a cinema black hole and less inclined to brave the elements for cinemas in our old neighbourhood :(

01 | Wild – to find oneself (again) through a long trek and increasingly shed burden (psychologically and physically) [7/10]

02 | The Theory of Everything – the story of Stephen Hawkings told through the amazing acting of Eddie Redmayne [9/10]

03 | Phoenix – a powerful movie on love and betrayal during World War II, Nina Hoss really shines [9/10]

04 | Into the Woods – a musical that gathers all the favourite fairy tales and weave them into a single thread, why not? [7/10]

05 | Imitation Game – the race against time to crack the codes generated by Enigma, it was sad that Turing was not properly heralded as a hero [8/10]

06 | Suite Française – this is where I declare my love for Matthias Schoenaerts and Kristin Scott Thomas: they’re magnificent! [9/10]

07 | Caprice – when an average Joe gets lucky and now facing a dilemma involving an actress and a young student, what to do? [7/10]

08 | Far from the Madding Crowd – a fresh interpretation of the Hardy’s classic, well worth a watch or two [8/10]

09 | Inside Out – yes, I laughed and wept and felt everything in between; this Pixar animation is a must-watch! [10/10]

10 | Pitch Perfect 2 – something light for a change of pace, with catchy tunes to hum through the day [7/10]

11 | Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) – it’s great to dive back into the world of magical aviation in this stop-motion animation [9/10]

12 | Dheepan – a powerful work that depicts harsh immigration reality and how connections can be made despite it all [9/10]

13 | Pawn Sacrifice – an enthralling drama unfolding through chess matches and psychological burden placed upon the shoulder of the chess masters [8/10]

14 | Marguerite – a French take of the life of Florence Foster Jenkins, with unforgettable singing, if it can be called so [7/10]

15 | Les deux amis (Two Friends) – he loves her but she lovers his wingman; that’s becoming more complicated than intended [7/10]

16 | Irrational Man – it was ok; I don’t know, Allen’s movies are so similar between one another… [5/10]

17 | The Lobster – this is a strange one, although fascinating to see a world where everything must be in pairs or be impaired [7/10]

18 | Nous trois ou rien (All Three of Us) – when a comedian/actor retells the story of his family, and plays his father, you pay attention [9/10]

19 | Spectre – I could get behind the adventures of Bond from time to time, especially when it’s Daniel Craig playing bond [7/10]

20 | L’Hermine (Courted) – a strict yet bumbling judge (that’s an unusual one) when facing a woman he had loved (here’s your “why”) [6/10]

21 | The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 – the conclusion to the Hunger Games trilogy, it was a satisfying ending [8/10]

22 | Demain (Tomorrow) – a highly recommended documentary that offers a glimpse into a world where environmental problems can be approached constructively [8/10]

23 | Bridge of Spies – based on true events (with artistic licence, of course), although it feels at times like a Le Carre novel [9/10]

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