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The Big Screen 2017

Maybe this year will be the year we re-subscribe to a cinema pass and watch more films? In the mean time, there’s always DVDs.

01 | La La Land – ah, Hollywood whimsy with singing and dancing Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Lovely set but I’m not seeing the Oscar buzz surrounding it… [7/10]

02 | Seven Years in Tibet – I’ve read the book donkey years ago and finally got round to watching it; I prefer the book but the movie is not too bad either. [6/10]

03 | Le viager – an oldie that I’ve heard much about for its comedic value; it was rather funny but after a while of repetitive silliness, maybe they could have adopted the motto “less is more” [5/10]

04 | Silence – this is a strange one that needs a lot of time to digest, and as audience, we’re also strangely detached from it despite some of the rather horrifying scenes. [5/10]


On the wish list:
– Loving
– Lion
– Fences
– Hidden Figures
– The Fixer


Last updated: 21 February 2017

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