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The Big Screen 2018

We (re-)subscribed to a cinema pass last summer, thus once again became regulars of the cineplex near us. However, in between diving-related activities, we haven’t quite found quite as much free time to go as we’d like.

01 | Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) – we were late to the party but glad to catch up on this fantasy, parallel-universe, body-swapping anime that is funny, poignant, engaging and wistful, although to a predictable ending. [7/10]

02 | Darkest Hour – I do not know much of Churchill so to get a glimpse of the man and the magic of Gary Oldman in portraying him at the start of his tenure as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom made this an interesting history lesson [8/10]

03 | Vers la lumière (Radiance) – essentially a story on the romance between a photographer (who is going blind) and a script writer (to describe movies to the blind), it felt slow and perhaps too intellectual for the chemistry to be truly believable [4/10]

04 | In the Fade – what an intense movie, of deep love, of profound hate, of society and race in conflict; Kruger played the remarkable protagonist who had to face the lost of her family, bias and injustice, and find a resolution in her own way [8/10]

05 | The Greatest Showman – in need of a light-hearted weekend movie, I thoroughly enjoyed the musical feast by Jackman and co., peppered with a good dose of fuzzy, feel-good and happy-end sparkles [8/10]

06 | The Post – how timely because this feels like a reminder to modern press to fight against accusations of “fake news” and the importance of free press as check and balance in face of power held by the electeds [7/10]

On the wish list:
– La Douleur
– Phantom Thread
– Lady Bird
– The Shape of Water
– Call Me By Your Name
– The Mercy
– Cas de conscience


Last updated: 30 January 2018

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