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Day 75: American lookout

I’ve always been amused passing this cafe on rue St Jacques, and today decided I will photograph it. Native American looking out for and protecting Lady Liberty – who would have thought of it? Or could this be a poor attempt at reconstructing a new version of the Village People? ;)

Mid-way through my first week at work, I’m slowly finding my rhythm again. My colleagues are friendly and helpful, and more than willing to speak in English for my benefits (and much to my gratitude – I find myself struggling to converse in French so I have plenty of catch up to do). I’m meticulously tracking the lists of documents I need in order to sort out various paperworks, and making copies of just about everything. So far, so good. Paris has been kind to me.

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  1. Selena says:

    awwww – feel tempted to burst out into song. Y-M-C-A, anybody? :D

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