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Day 76: Paddy’s Day, French style

Ah, Paddy’s Day away from Ireland. It really is not quite the same, where in Dublin, it’s all celebratory with the day off (it’s business as usual around here) to be out watching the parade on Dame Street, then over to Harcourt for street ceili, and of course then a wee pub crawl with friends for a convivial and light-hearted celebratory food and drinks.

Over in Paris, the celebration is a tad unorthodox, with me meeting up with Chloé and Hélène for a Vietnamese dinner (how Irish is that? ;)) followed by an attempt to go to an Irish bar nearby but it’s absolutely packed that the people were spilling out to the streets with their pints. All around Quartier Latin, revellers in tall squishy hat (apparently Guinness is running promos and gives those out for free) are about town, thoroughly enjoying themselves.

If only they wear a bit more green (I am! In green tank top!) and start to sing a bit, then it’ll feel a bit more like Dublin. Happy Paddy’s Day!

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