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Day 107: The new sari

I met Anirudh last week at Obscura Day. At some point, our topic of conversation turned to food (my favourite topic, yay!) and he was a tad surprised that I haven’t yet explored the Indian quarter of Paris near Gare du Nord. This has got to be remedied and today, we headed over to the neighbourhood for some Tamil food chez Saravanaa Bhavan. In case you wondered, the food was delicious and reminded me of Indian food in Malaysia. I will be back here before long!

Walking around, there are also a large number of shops selling all things Indian-related, from Indian sweets (I bought some to go) to Bollywood DVDs to colourful bangles to traditional costumes. Then we spotted these updated look to sari. Very stylish, not to mention, errrm, sheer and skimpy. Not quite the sari I know and worn before. If my previous experience with sari was anything to go by – I was worried the entire evening about people stepping on the hem and unravelled the entire 6 metres of turquoise cloth that I’ve ineptly wrapped around me – the likelihood of me ever trying this modern look would be slim to none…

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  1. Selena says:

    ooo… those do look rather skimpy. must be brave to wear them :D

    at least you have worn a sari before. i never have – i’d be paranoid about my clothing suddenly unwinding and leaving me in the altogether :squeeze: lol

    • Lil says:

      well i was a bit paranoid but eventually got through the evening without incident /phew

      i don’t think i am brave enough to wear these new ones though. maybe after i work out a bit more and have fitter physique :p

  2. bjlau says:

    We should’ve get this for Syafiq for his IU night lol, this look sexy ;)

  3. sila says:

    peeweeet! you should have gotten one like this, lil ;)

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