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Day 227: J’attends…

… l’orage au désespoir.

The poor penguin, lamenting that [it is] waiting for the storm in despair. Is it heartbroken? Or just feeling a bit blue because of the crappy weather? Or a combination of both? Fear not, it doesn’t reflect how I am currently feeling. In fact, we’ve been blessed with a sunny bank holiday Monday, which is promptly celebrated with a trip to Pozzetto for a spot of ice cream and playing spectator at a tango session at Quai de Seine.

And on a side note: I’ve put in place a few small changes in recent weeks to the site. They’re not by any mean complete but at least good starting points, I guess.
– lists for my Big Read Challenge of 2010 and 2011
– tracker on the progress of Challenge Resto A-Z
– the pages above summarised under Coffee Break
– subtle updates to The Ultimate Travel Challenge

I have a couple other things planned (as per friends’ suggestions) that I don’t yet have time to look into, but should I do, I will let you know where to access them. But first, I need to figure out how these would fit in the framework of this site, then how best to present them. Sorry if it all sounds a bit cryptic but I haven’t think through them just yet, so I myself don’t know how it’ll morph into the final presentable state.

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  1. m3d says:

    hohoho…poor penguin ;)

    ur lil space in the WWW has surely evolved over the years lil :)

  2. Chloé says:

    hmmmm i find the French wording odd. indeed, if i wanted to say i’m “waiting for the storm in despair” i would say rather “j’attends l’orage en désespérant” or another form of the verb, not the noun… (though i admit the French use way much more nouns than the English-speaking)
    i wonder if the artist is not making a “pun” with “ô rage ô désespoir”. it sounds exactly the same and it’s the beginning of a very famous all-French-students-have-to-learn-it-at-one-point-or-another monolog in Le Cid from Corneille. if you want to check out the monolog, i found it here for you: http://www.abc-lettres.com/o-rage-o-desespoir-o-vieillesse-ennemie/poeme.html
    given the mention of waiting in the picture and the mention of growing old in the speech, it can give a new perspective to your study maybe? ;)

    • Lil says:

      interesting. i can see the similarity (but unfortunately i have never studied that poem but yes i should check it out) and obviously my stab at translation is not perfect ;)

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