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Project 365 – Week 25

Summer officially kicked in in the later part of the week but whoever up there who’s supposed to dish out the correct weather condition seems to have missed the memo. We started the week with crazy storm and there were reports that some parts of Ile de France were hit by large pebble-sized hailstones, then we had a bright sunny day, just to get another day of storm, followed by a day torrential rain before clearing up in the afternoon. Trying to fit all the awful weather in before it turned 21 June and really need to get into summer mode?

* * *

Impressionist photo

17 Jun: Paris plunged into darkness today. There was raging thunderstorm all morning that I was pondering if I should even stay online or shut down the laptop. The lightning could be seen running all the way from the sky down to the earth, and this is not a common sight. Right around 11am, barely a slither of natural light remained and it felt like night. I love this shot because it reminds me of the quality of Impressionism. Peer closely, it’s mostly random water blobs. Step away and perhaps you’ll start to see what I saw in my apartment that memorable moment.

Art exhibition

18 Jun: This is no ordinary art exhibition. I was walking past the École de Médecine when I noticed the doors were wide open to invite the public in to an art sales. These pieces, including paintings, collages, photographs and sculptures, have been produced by the medical students of the university. Quite a talented lot, they are. Certain comports medical-themed, others of landscape and abstract icons. Some certainly met selling success, as I spotted tiny dotted stickers next to the pieces.

Gertrude Stein

19 Jun: I pass by this famous address every so often, while walking/jogging between our place and the Jardin du Luxembourg. A century ago, this was where the influential writer Gertrude Stein (and for a while, his brother Leo Stein) called home, hosting a salon that welcomed artists and writers on Saturday evenings that include Picasso, Hemingway, Matisse, and Fitzgerald. Aha, come to think of it, there’s even a scene in the movie of Midnight in Paris that shows the little gathering chez Gertrude Stein – here you go!

Du Rock

20 Jun: Summer solstice tomorrow means it’s time for the annual Fête de la Musique – free music all over Paris! However, it is not for this purpose that the métro station of Duroc has been transformed into DuRock, along with blasting of rock music throughout the station since this afternoon. Instead, it is promoting the upcoming Rock en Seine and I suspect the tunes that they have been airing are those of the artists/bands lined up for the festival this August. Pretty catchy and they make me feel like dancing…

Feed the squirrel

21 Jun: We often train our eyes on the main Parisian architectural style, the quintessential grey roofs with terracotta chimneys, and large sculptures that adorn certain buildings. What’s worth a closer look are the details, at times of the railings of balconies, other times the decorative panel of doors and windows. Here, squirrels are being fed delicious fruits from overhanging trees by angelic cherubs, a gesture of generosity and kindness.

Sunset at sea

22 Jun: This has been a day of multiple forms of transportation. We started our journey in the wee hour of the morning by taxi, followed by a flight, connected between the airport and the port by a modern metro, before finally boarded a large ferry to sail through the Mediterranean sea. We were a tad tired from all these transfers, but this view, plus what were to come in the next few days, made it worth the while. For now, we’d just appreciate this very moment.

Sunset at beach

23 Jun: Seeing rainbows after the showers is common, but to notice a similar striation of colours on wispy clouds, that’s new to us. This photo simply doesn’t do the real scene justice. It was as if watching a pair of phoenixes, racing together towards the setting sun, leaving bright tails behind to mark their path. For the imaginative ones, this could well be the inspiration need to craft a new story, an enchanting myth.

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  1. med says:

    welcome back lil…so started with thunderstorm but ends with such view….fantabulous hehe ;)

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