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Project 365: Week 11 – Kif-kif

Here’s a word I’m not sure if it’s in the French dictionary – my mini French-English dictionary doesn’t have it – since it’s largely a slang: kif-kif. It basically means (all) the same, or alike. Something that is kif-kif really doesn’t have much importance one way or the other. I must admit it’s not an easy “word” to try to convey through photos, but then again, there are not many words in French starting with K in the first place, and they’re also not easy to photograph over 7 days without all looking the same! (See, back to kif-kif) ;)

* * *


10 Mar: In this small tarterie, it seems all tarts are made equal. Pick any two savoury tarts, plus a drink, and they’re yours for less than €8. It also inevitably reminded me of Mouff’Tarte, my favourite tarterie before it suddenly closed down over Christmas break a couple of years back. When I came back to Paris in the new year, another café had taken over the shop space. People may say a tart is a tart is a tart, but I’m saying no, some tarts are more superior than others.

Waving dolls

11 Mar: I got all nostalgic after the tarterie reminder that I went walking around rue Moufftard today. Right next day, a novelty shop was spotted with two waving dolls. The Queen, and the Pope. Can they be considered as somewhat equal? Based on function of these dolls, yes, kif-kif, but based on actual personalities, well, one of head of a royal family and the other head of a religion. Tough call!

Haussmannian building

12 Mar: Haussmannian buildings are distinctively memorable that anyone looking at photos could pretty much identify Paris as the city in question right away. Even a glass distortion from across the street couldn’t hide the admirable sense of uniformity from one Haussmannian building to another. However, if one looks closer at the elements used to decorate each building, now, we’re starting to see special characters trying to outdo one another.

Window decoration

13 Mar: I am not sure why but it seems the shop windows for plumbers, electricians etc act as an all-inclusive theme when it comes to decoration. It doesn’t matter if there’s only one item that actually reflects the business itself (in this case, the cobbler) while the rest forms a sort of jumble sale haul! Who says China mug does not fall in the same category of item as dismantled lock and beer bottle?


14 Mar: There are too many variety of shoes for women, so why not something similar men too? Not that these “variations” actually create more diversity. A couple of basic shapes, available in multiple colours or textures, that’s it. They all look pretty much the same to me. Not only that, Paris being Paris and I stumbled across these in the Marais, the prices are also eye-wateringly high. Yikes…

Lentil salad

15 Mar: From time to time, I try to eat in restaurants that serve traditional French fares to see if I can discover a good place which I can recommend to friends who are visiting the city. And the answer, for now, is no. I am not sure if it’s me looking at the wrong places, or me being picky after tasting the more modern French with a twist. Everything just tastes the same, from one traditional restaurant to another. Some may even be buying from the same frozen food supplier…?


16 Mar: I am not averse to seeing pretty decorative motives on windows, and in fact, these wispy globes were the very thing that drew my attention from afar. However, once I got there, I had trouble figuring out what the business is actually about. Is it an art centre? Is it a design studio? I don’t want to brush it aside as just another creative place that I don’t “get” because when things get this cryptic, it can get awfully easy to think of it as kif-kif to other creative spaces.

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