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Postcards: A Parisian sunset (FR)

The start of year has been very kind to us. We hosted a couple of friends since New Year’s Eve, which we celebrated by attending a graceful performance of the Nutcracker at Palais de Congrès, and since then we’ve been busy with various activities. That was how we ended up at Jardin des Tuileries on day 2 of the year and caught this beautiful sunset.

Sunset in Paris

Sunset in Paris

Sunset in Paris

Sunset in Paris

Sunset in Paris

Sunset in Paris

Sunset in Paris

Sunset in Paris

This is the kind of magic that Paris yields. It is not always perfect to live in, and there are days I wonder why I am putting up with the bureaucratic paperwork and apartment madness and days of rain and all kind of things illogic. Then the city shows off its best and I simply could not resist the pull of her charm. One does fall in love all over again, and again, with Paris.

Mind, despite the curveballs and obstacles thrown at me, I had never once questioned “what am I doing, living in Paris?” ;)

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  1. med says:

    Wow lil. Fantabulous shots indeed!!! I know…I will come visit Paris when i do my europe tour ok hehehe ;)

  2. Oh how lovely Lil! I can understand how an evening like that could make you fall in love with Paris all over again.

    • Lil says:

      Merci Sarah – and I truly appreciate catching something this beautiful because in our current apartment, it’s really very hard to gauge the light outside! (less than ideal orientation and on a first floor = less natural light coming in)

  3. sila says:

    gorgeous!! maybe one day we can enjoy a parisian sunset together lil.. :)

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