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Day 37: Facebook is a religion?

Sorry, I couldn’t help the dig.

Had this been a display of some sort, then the label below would denote the item on exhibit. Given this is a figure of a head normally associated to religious iconography, a signage of Facebook gives it a whole new meaning. (Not that this amount to much else but the possibility that the fortune teller of George’s St Arcade is trying to promote his page on Facebook.)

George’s St Arcade is a small gem of a “market”, boasting a couple of cafés, second hand bookstalls, clothes shops, knick knacks and collectibles. It also used to host my favourite gourmet food stall, selling delectable fudge, unusual ingredients (edible lavender, anyone?), pulse and lentils by weight etc but is today replaced with a sort-of stocking fetish and plastic mobile phone cover business. Not quite equivalent in exchange, as you can see. Probably also explain why I haven’t been browsing around here much in the last couple of years.

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