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Not chasing for photos?

It feels a little odd, in the last few days, not to actively think of where I should go in search of my photo of the day. No more pondering if I’ve taken too many shots in a particular arrondissement and that I should venture further afield, nor worrying if the weather will turn against me and prevent a good yet brisk photowalk, and so forth. It is liberating. At the same time, I quite miss my daily “photo op forage”…

If you’re wondering what to expect the next time you drop by this page, well, I am still pondering the same question myself. Undoubtedly the major focus remains with Paris, perhaps not too different from the blogs of many expats in this city but hopefully there are still something new and fresh and interesting to you. Intermittently, I’ll talk about my travelling adventures, past and present, and finally share the many photos that I’ve taken but remissed in publishing so far.

I have a number of targetted projects for this year too, which shall not escape a mention in the blog, including (1) 36 views of Sacré Cœur/Montmartre, (2) museums of Paris, (3) cheese-a-week and (4) cultural metro stations. If there are anything in particular that pique your interest and want me to check them out, you can always let me know too!

This is a big year for me, with much on plan and I don’t yet know how much time I will have to devote to this blog. Fingers crossed, I’ll be able to work on it on a regular basis and you will not be left without entertainment for too long. I’ll be back this weekend with a couple of updates to start. Later.

2011 by the numbers

Weeks living in Paris: 43

Apartment moving: 2

Short (2-4 day) trips taken: 8

Long trips taken: 2

Number of flights: 14

Number of train rides: 6

New countries travelled: 3

New language, learning in progress: 1

New dance, learning in progress: 1

Books read: 107 (and some random shouldn’t-admit-to-reading novellas)

Opera attended: 1

Concert attended: 1

10K run accomplished: 1

New restaurants tested: A couple of dozen – sorry lost count ;)

Ice-cream places tested: 9

Food-related salons attended: 3

Festival launch (sort of) gatecrashed: 2

Museums and monuments visited: 30+ (should do a proper list)

Size of photo folder: 16G

Number of photos taken: 4,680

New movie releases seen at the cinema: 12

New movie releases seen via online streaming: 5

New non-English movie releases seen: 4.5 (3 French*, 1 Chinese, 1/2 Burmese)

Number of arrondissement in Paris: 20

Arrondissement featured in Project 365: 20

Arrondissement featured only once in Project 365: 3

Posts for the most featured arrondissement (6ème, by the way): 46

Cultural métro stations featured: 6

Posts with photo of Sacré-Cœur: 3

Posts with photo of La Tour Eiffel: 8

Weeks remaining in Paris (for now anyway): 61 weeks

* I saw the final instalment of Harry Potter in French due to an error in the cinema ticket reservation system. Till this day, I still haven’t seen it in English!

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