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Project 365 – Week 35

Blink, blink. September has just turned up, the French population is gearing up for la rentrée while I, well, dealing with a bunch of paperwork actually. That, and finalising the details of my upcoming holiday. In the mean time, I’m suffering from writer’s block and find it very difficult to put words to paper (or to WordPress, in this case). Please excuse me while I search for my inner wannabe-writer…

* * *

Carved façade

26 Aug: There are the typical Haussmanian buildings, and then there are a whole lot of variations of non-Haussmanian too. I don’t think I was too far away from Pont d’Alma when I took this shot, just because it’s quirky enough to be different from its neighbours. I’ve been trying to search for more information on this architectural style, but haven’t have much luck so far. I may need to dig deeper, or whip up the thick book of Parisian architecture bible that F bought a long time ago. It’s a very interesting book, but just a bit too much French for me to read, so it’s work instead of fun reading.

Eiffel Tower

27 Aug: Everyone living in Paris should stroll down the River Seine on a regular basis, especially at around the time when the sun set for the day. The bright hues of red and orange streaking across the sky, the streetlights springing to life without any notice, and if the time is right, the good ol’ Iron Lady also start to sparkle and shimmer for a good few minutes. These together forms one of the few magical moments living in the City of Light.

Moon cake

28 Aug: Ah yes, the moon cake festival is just round the corner now, isn’t it? Heading to Tang Frères for a spot of grocery shopping today, it seems marketing of moon cakes have become the activity of the day. Boxes after boxes of moon cakes of lotus paste with one or double egg yolks, red bean paste with or without nuts, etc are competing for shelf space. I can’t say I’m particularly tempted with these. Rather, I think I am going to wait till I arrive in Malaysia and get some of the more luxurious moon cakes. Perhas, even durian moon cake.

Art gallery

29 Aug: It always amuses me to see signage of a business pointing to one commercial activity, and the actual business itself being something else. Today’s find was an art gallery in what appears to be a former bar. I do love the signage itself, for the quaint and old-fashion font which lends a character in its own right. Perhaps the gallery owner can call the gallery “Vins, cafe, liqueurs”. The signage would be just perfect then, although then the colours could do with better coordination. Hmmm…

Tibetan restaurant

30 Aug: F and I were out on a date night this evening: dinner and movie. We found ourself in a Tibetan restaurant on rue St Jacques and in search for something different, we opted for a Tibetan fondue. It is pretty similar to the Chinese fondue/hotpot actually, with a couple of different broth served as cooking broth to a variety of sliced meat, vegetables, noodles and eggs. We were sort of admonished for not finishing everything up (there were some cabbage, vermicelli and one egg left) but the portion was rather substantial that I thought it’d be better not to cook and then not eat them. I guess we can’t win it all.


31 Aug: For the second night in a row, we were off the cinema. We do seem to camp a lot in the cinema, although it comes and goes in phases. Sometimes, there just aren’t many good movies that we feel we have to see so we nearly forget the existence of the cinemas. Otherwise, there are too many options and we scramble to catch them all before they rotate out of the cinema schedule while balancing work and life in general. I am not entirely sure which is worse.

Berges de Seine

1 Sep: It has been a while since I attempted any (near-) night photography. This evening, we went out for a walk after dinner and tried to grab a few shots from the recently inaugurated Berges de Seine. In the background, we would hear Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” blasting away from a tent not so far away, and closer towards the Pont Alexandre III, score of Parisians were enjoying their evening drinks at the quay-front bar. Here, Pont des Invalides looks quite good like this, no?

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  1. med says:

    ooooo ur last pic seems to be location shoot for the current TVB hit show Triumph in the Sky 2 ;)

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