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Day 42: Paddling happily

Does taking photos from the same canal but along three different stretches count as different street photo locations? Well, I couldn’t help it. It’s one of my favourite spots around here. The ducks also seem to love paddling here. ;)

Well, canal stroll and duck watching aside, I think I have found a new favourite thing. Sila has been talking about Castle for a while, so I decided to give it a try today. And now I am hooked. I can see myself spending the entire weekend watching it (maybe, except Sunday, as Ireland is playing France in a 6 Nations match) and I would probably not stop until I catch everything up. The 48 episodes of the 3 seasons shown so far!

Day 6: Bickering

The big freeze is set to return to Ireland, with snow forecasted for the weekend. Daily temperature for the last few days have been dropping bit by bit but not enough to prevent me to go out for a walk and meet up with my friends.

The lake at St Stephen’s Green Park is today semi-frozen. On one of the frozen icy patches, a pair of mallards decided to bicker for some 10 minutes (I have no idea why I stood there and watched the going-ons for that long) before being distracted. Nearby, a little girl began tossing bread morsels into the water, effectively becoming the favourite visitor of the park among the mallards. ;)

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