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Project 365 – Week 26

I seemed to have unintentionally photographed quite a few animals this week. In reviewing them now (at home), I figure, why not make this week’s photos to the theme? Then again, it would have been too easy if I have at least a photo of an animal every day of the week when I didn’t think about it in the first place. As a result, I struggled to pick a favourite one for some of the days, and I also struggled to find at least one photo for some of the days. Saturday’s photo of the day was even a toss up between two different non-living animals – a sculpture or a stuffed head of a cow….

* * *


24 Jun: While F was out snorkelling, I had settled quite nicely at a terrace with a drink and reading on an ebook reader. Out of nowhere, this little friend appeared and started exploring under a number of tables, including ours. It has a friend too, that was a bit more skittish and stayed away from this human. Now that it had my full attention, when it jumped up to perched on a low wall, I knew I had to take a photo.

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