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Day 85: Say cheese!

Paris is already teeming with people everywhere on any ordinary day. On a Saturday, it’s akin to madness in the city. Go near anywhere popular and you’ll find yourself crowded in very quickly. Of course, for those on a leisurely walk or sitting at the terrace of a café somewhere, it is the perfect opportunity to people-watch.

Zarin is in town for a couple of days, and we met up this morning for a walking tour, some sightseeing and food hunting. When we stopped by the fountain at Place St Michel for a spot of photo taking, I saw these two cutest little girls grinning for their photographer, presumably their mum? Quietly, I slipped behind them and grabbed this shot. The composition is not perfect, but that’s what stealth photography is like. A hit or a miss. This is about half-half. ;)

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  1. m3d says:

    hmmm..is this the famous fountain or should it be in italy…i dunno…hmm

  2. m3d says:

    oh u so clever ne…trevi it is..googled hehehe ;)

  3. m3d says:

    even better…well traveled lil hehehe

  4. zarin says:

    now you can call that a *fountain
    * — referring to the existence of water


  5. sila says:

    zarin’s been to paris. when is it my turn??? :)

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