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Day 109: Snowglobe

Some collects shot glasses (my youngest brother), some collects thimbles (one of my best friends), some collects postcards (guilty as charged), and it would appear the owner of this handyman shop on rue Gay-Lussac is a fan of snowglobes. One of the few snowglobes sitting by the window is that of Hong Kong.

At the moment, my pretty collection of postcards from all over the world is sitting in a box back in Dublin, in a haphazard manner. It has been a while since I organised the latest postcards that I’ve acquired, either from friends who were travelling or those that I bought myself. Since arriving in Paris, I’ve received a handful few postcards, so perhaps I should get a new scrapbook and start another collection.

Now, what do you collect?

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  1. m3d says:

    oooo…my sis collects snow globes…i have bought her a few whenever i see any during my travel…quite a few she has now ;)

    i use to collect all sorts of stuffs but not anymore
    btw…any new address that i should be posting to now or i should still use the ‘old’ one? ;)

    • Lil says:

      hehehe, maybe i should get her one from paris next time round ;)

      and you should have got my new address now :D

  2. I collect weird hats. :)

  3. m3d says:

    yes…got it lil and dont need..i will go to paris personally to get for her okie hehehe ;)

  4. bjlau says:

    That’s something very new, Buddha status in the globe ;P

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