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Day 113: Best Coast

When Lih King asked if I would like to go to a concert, I jumped at the chance to get out after holing up most of the day in my apartment, typing away on work documents. An escape? Yes please!

Since I didn’t even have a clue who I’d be seeing at this impromptu night out, Lih King ran a quick band catch-up for my benefits. Best Coast is an Indie Rock band from California which first caught his attention last summer, and their music is characterised as “lo-fi” (the opposite of “hi-fi”?) and fuzzy. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. Ah yes, my ignorance in music is showing, but hey, remember, I also gave it a go and checked it out. ;)

The concert was fun and we managed to get pretty good balcony standing place, affording us great view during the gig. I recognised some of the tunes, and I’m assuming I may have heard them from snippets in tv shows? There were also similarities to the sound of The Blue Pills, a fictional punk band featured in Season 2 of Castle.

I should try out more new bands (well, new to me anyway) like this – randomly, at small venues. You’ll never know what you’ll discover!

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  1. Athena says:

    I certainly agree that Paris is rich with culture. rather that being a romantic city!

    • Lil says:

      hmmm look like there’s flaw to my comment link thingy. i assume you’re trying to comment on “polly maggoo” entry? ;)

      the romance part of the city – well, to be honest, romance is how you make of it, so it can be anywhere so long as you’re both in your own little world that you’re happy in :D

  2. sila says:

    now i have the pack up your troubles song from castle in my head due to you castle mention. even though i kknow it’s not the blue pills’ song. :D

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