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Day 144: Dégustation du chocolat

While I was gallavanting around in Stockholm over the weekend, Chloé was on chocolate discovery mission. A new chocolate-tasting concept chocolatier has been found at St Germain, “between Pierre Hermé and Ladurée” (on rue Bonaparte), and wonderful friend that she is, she brought Anne and I a selection to try. Parc Montsouris seems like a good place to enjoy the last of the sunshine for the day and have chocolate tasting.

Chocolats Richart has plenty to offer but what we’ve got here are from two dégustation boxes – petits Richart Les Fruités (as the name suggests, fruity ganache filling within) and Les Hespéridés (for that fresh citrusy and extra zing of a flavour). All three of us prefer Les Hespéridés, even if we think there was a questionable (overripe) pineapple ganache in the selection. For next tasting session, I think we should get the other tasting selection, including Les Floraux (floral are usually good), Les Balsamiques (yup, balsamic!), Les Herbacés (herbs and chocolate – interesting), Les Epicés (not sure though if I’m keen on a spiced-chocolate selection) and Les Grillés (with nuts, this I can do).

Maybe I should just get a selection of all the selection. It’ll make my life easier and I get to taste ALL of them :D

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  1. Caitriona says:

    This reminds me of the amazing tea/chocolate shop in Edinburgh, though the name escapes me right now. Plaisir du chocolat? Mmmm!

  2. Selena says:

    “when” you come to visit we’ll go to Artisan Chocolate. Eat & swoon….. :D

    • Lil says:

      yes m’am! for now though, i’m stuck here because i still haven’t got my carte de sejour and my temporary visa is expiring. once expired, any step out of the country i take, i need authorisation to travel!

  3. m3d says:


  4. m3d says:

    huh…u coming back in aug/sept??? ;)

  5. Chloé says:

    a yes but the pineapple-y one was from the fruité selection so even more votes for the hespérides one ;) hehehehe

  6. Selena says:

    “back” in aug/sept – “back” to Dublin or “back” to M’sia? We’ll be there end July to end Aug.

    • Lil says:

      malaysia, but unfortunately my plan needs to be changed and it’s now pushed to september. drat, i’ll be missing you… :(

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