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Day 265: View from KU DÉ TA

I suffer from the guilt of privilege.

Let’s face it – I wine and dine (at times, high end), I shop (although not very often), I travel (and now add to the global carbon burden), I have access to modern technologies, I buy things that I don’t necessarily need. I work hard to get to where I am today and I won’t apologise for enjoying the perks, but there are times I feel a twinge of guilt from the excesses.

This evening is one of those. I am conflicted. I am being treated by Dave (thanks!) to an amazing dinner at an incredible location (look at the view!). At the same time, I am conscious that there are many around the world who are going hungry tonight. On one hand, it’s great that I get to live through such experience. On the other hand, I feel like the money we spent could have gone on to do something more meaningful.

I support a number of charities – it’s not much, but it’s a start – but truthfully, where do I draw the line to balance between giving and receiving?

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  1. m3d says:

    hoohoo…marina sands lil? there was a time i walked a full circle starting from the bottom of the building (tallest one on the right with the reg lights at the top) to the sands and then back via the esplanade hehehe

    well…we all feel guilty at times but if u worked hard for it…sometimes we have to pamper and love ourselves…life is too short to worry too much…just dont get greedy ;)

    • Lil says:

      when we were there, couldn’t walk a full circle because roads were closed for F1.

      hehehe, will try my best not to get too greedy :p

  2. Chloé says:

    i agree with m3d too.
    also, is that title the restaurant name? “sounds” so much like “coup d’état” ;)

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